Meteor strike HD (Best quality meteorite footage ever!)

Meteor strike HD (Best quality meteorite footage ever!)
So tonight whilst I was sat in our cottage, there was a huge bang and the cottage shook violently. I thought it was an Earthquake, but we don't get Earthquakes in Lapland, right? So maybe it was a tree falling on the cottage roof? I walk outside and inspect all the trees. Nope, everything looks ok. I was absolutely dumbfounded what could have caused it. But there was not much else I could do, than forget about it.

30 minutes later, Piritta my partner contacts us asking if we are all ok as a meteor has just struck near Inari. Immediately the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. This explains the house shaking and the loud boom earlier. The cottage shaking was a result of being hit by the sonic boom. So we were close.

We run a live video stream capturing the night sky for aurora borealis purposes, I immediately think maybe that caught the show?

So I rewind the video and sure enough, there it is. Absolute goose bumps at this stage.

What. a. night. 

Northern lights and a meteor burning up all wrapped together ;)

If you would like to watch our live Aurora Borealis steam:

Clear skies,

Aurora Service Tours
Lapland, Finland

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