Lord Shiva is the first and aadi guru who gave this boon to the whole universe in the form of this very process of transferring spiritual/divine energy into the third eye (exactly the centre of forehead) of his disciples and since time immemorial it has made infinite number of disciples achieve their supreme goal of this very existence.
Shaktipat or Śaktipāta (Sanskrit, from sakti - "(psychic) energy" - and pāta, "to fall") refers in Hinduism to the conferring of spiritual "energy" upon disciple /sadhak by Sadguru. Shaktipat can be transmitted with a sacred word or mantra, or by a look, thought or touch - the last usually to the aagya chakra or third eye of the recipient.
Saktipat is absolutely an act of grace (anugraha) on the part of the Sadguru or the divine. Its reception cannot be forced though the recipient must be open to such an influx since it also cannot be imposed by force. The very consciousness of the god or guru is held to enter into the Self of the disciple, constituting an initiation into the divine, the spiritual family of the Sadguru. Shaktipat can be transmitted in person or at a distance, through his/her photo also.
Shaktipat as the projection of the guru's "aura" on the disciple who thereby acquires the same mental state, hence the importance of the high spiritual level of the guru. The physiological phenomenon of rising kundalini then naturally manifests.
All that exists is energy and that "the way of consciousness is exactly the way of a river - it goes downwards, following the path of gravitation". "When the Guru touches the disciple's third eye then suddenly a flow of warmth, life, consciousness starts hitting the point which for specific reasons it is called the third eye. It is the point that, if it opens, makes you a seer. Then you can see things about yourself, about others more clearly, more transparently - and your whole life will start changing with this new vision."  A disciple in today's perspective is surrounded by two aspects viz. worldly, materialistic as well as spiritual spheres. To achieve his goals on both the fronts outstandingly one needs a Master, Sadguru or the divine who is pure energy and on a very high level of spiritual horizon. The co-relation of a Master or Sadguru and a disciple is of many previous births. With every new birth a disciple forgets his previous life and the series of rituals performed by him/her but the Master knows everything and hence comes in the life of a disciple to make him reach and achieve his goal. He actually removes all the hurdles coming in the way of the disciple hence making the path very smooth. A Sadguru does 95% work and only a 5% is to be accomplished by the disciple after getting Shaktipat or Shaktipat Deeksha from the Master or Sadguru who destroys all the bad karmas of the disciple by his supreme powers and makes the path even more smoothest after attaining the Shaktipat Deeksha . As per the purposes currently aimed and faced by the disciple and to achieve them in short time one requires a great amount of divine and supreme power who can get a person achieve all that he/she desires in life weather its money, power, job, marriage, children and many other important wishes of life or real solid progress in spiritual field right from the awakening of the first chakra of the kundalini to the third eye, the sahastrar , aagya chakra. To achieve all in one life is just impossible by one's own efforts, and the Sadguru , divine power is needed very much to accomplish all or up to 90% of what you desire. Hence Shaktipat Deeksha is golden boon conferred by the sadgurudev to achieve in shortest time span. 
The most important among all the Shaktipat Deekshas in the universe are listed below:
1. Guru Deeksha
2. Guru hridyast dharan Deeksha
3. Gyan & chetna Deeksha
4. Dus manavidya Deeksha
5. Lakshmi prapti Deeksha
6. Shambhvi Deeksha-for attaining oneness with Lord Shiva
7. Kundalini jagaran Deeksha-(7-stages) for awakening all the chakras.
8. Siddhashram gaman Deeksha
9. Bhairav & Bhairavi Deeksha
10. Ganpati Ganesh Deeksha
11. Mahakai Deeksha
12. Baglamukhi Deeksha
13. Bhuvneshwari Deeksha
14. Tara Deeksha
15. Tripur Bhairavi Deeksha
16. Tripur sundari Deeksha
17. Dhoomavati Deeksha
18. Matangi Deeksha
19. Kamala Deeksha
20. Chhinmasta Deeksha
21. Manokanma poorti Deeksha
22. Mahamrityunjai Deeksha
23. Panchanguli Deeksha
24. Mahakaal Deeksha
25. Putra prapti Deeksha
26. Ichhit var prapti Deeksha
27. Apsara Deeksha
28. Navaran Deeksha
29. Anang Deeksha- for removing married life weaknesses
30. Tantra dosh nivaran Deeksha
31. Greh badha dosh nivaran Deeksha
32. Nav greh Deeksha
33. Manglik dosh nivaran Deeksha
34. Rajrajeshwari Deeksha-for victory in the elections & public life
35. Shatru stambhan Deeksha- for victory over the enemies
36. Akaal mrityu yog nivaran Deeksha.

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