Avia - Avoriaz

Avia - Avoriaz

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Black. White. Beige. Gold. Red. In Chapter 11 of Inside CHANEL, five colors come alive as we delve into the history, the anecdotes, and the quotes from Mademoiselle herself that immortalized their

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Noir. Blanc. Beige. Or. Rouge. Cinq couleurs emblématiques, cinq codes. Autant d'inspirations pour une signature. Dans le chapitre 11 de Inside CHANEL, cinq couleurs s'imposent a travers

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To the question "What do you wear to bed?" Marilyn responded, "CHANEL N°5." What inspired Marilyn's world-famous reply? Discover the answer in Chapter 2 of Inside CHANEL, with the new film titled

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For the first time, CHANEL tells its story online at http://Inside-Chanel.com Chapter 1: the legend of N°5. Journey back in time through the CHANEL archives into the heart of this magical perfume,