Husband Says Fringe Church's 'Miracle Cure' Killed His Wife

Doug Nash held his wife Sylvia as her eyes rolled back and she slumped in his arms. Just hours before she had been healthy and happy, he said, but he knew then that his partner of five years was dead. "In my arms. That'll haunt me for the rest of my life," he told ABC News in an interview to be Read more

US Resident Details Journey on Storm-Battered Cruise Ship

Ada Rojas was relieved to be on dry, stable land again. Rojas, a 25-year-old art gallery associate hailing from New York City, was working in the art gallery on a Carnival Spirit cruise ship that was stuck at sea because of 30-foot waves off of Australia ’s coast. The ship finally docked in Sydney Read more

Storm-Battered Cruise Ship Docks in Australia Harbor

Thousands of people on a cruise ship that was stuck at sea in a fierce storm have made it back to dry land, after the 30-foot waves that prevented the ship from entering Sydney Harbor have subsided. The Carnival Spirit cruise ship was caught in the storm on Monday night and barred from docking Read more

'Monster' Cyclone Strikes a Heavy Toll in Vanuatu

More than 100,000 people are likely homeless, schools have been destroyed, and communication systems remain cut off in the Pacific country of Vanuatu , after the archipelago was slammed by a powerful cyclone. President Baldwin Lonsdale told the Associated Press Monday that the cyclone was a Read more