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  • Rodney Bayburn

    Wel, I guess we know what the GOP stands for: raid the treasury and give the spoils to billionaires, and accept nazi and child molester votes in order to get there.

  • ProfPalefuddy

    The GOP Senators and Congress have become tools for President Trump's tactic of degrading the Judges hearing cases or in this case the FBI which is building a case against him, his family, his friends and Putin the Perfect. Trump has used this tactic all his life. When the GOP and Fox News Joins in it is dangerous for our Democracy. Shame on them, shame on them all.

  • David

    I thought the highlight of the dog and pony show was when that Republican Congressman from Texas asked the FBI director why the FBI wasn't investigating the Clinton administration.

  • Lee Thompson

    Do I believe Trump or think he's justified in criticizing the FBI . . . absolutely not!
    I stand with the good, professional personnel of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. True Americans who believe in our constitution and justice.

  • Ideology

    The political justice system possesses some of the finest, hard working Americans I know. Working hard to undue what the voters did in November.

  • Betty Bloop

    most interesting was farenthold's comment that there weren't any investigations of the 'clinton administration' -- these guys are really going off the rails.

  • my2cents314

    Why does anyone believe what the Dotard president has to say??? Just because he says that the FBI is in tatters, doesn't make it so. Look at the bigger picture. The so-called president wants to discredit the FBI so that he can fire Mueller and/or to discredit Mueller's findings. Don't fall for it. Trump is using the same tactics as dictators.

  • Fred Mertz Pants

    How does she juggle so many lies, fibs and general mis-directs all at the same time?

  • Former Earthling

    Trumps wants to be a dictator and GOP is letting him do it. He must be removed.

  • Munk

    Think about this: The testimony is that there is hardly any difference between "grossly negligent" and "extremely careless." Then, why was the wording secretly changed??? Why?, because "grossly negligent" is a statutory violation. "Extremely careless" are weaseling words which would allow Hillary to wriggle away from criminal liability. On the other hand, Mr. Wray did say they have established independent investigators to look into the matter.

  • Ideology

    Draining the swamp has exposed a lot of slime including the FBI, just as Trump promised.

  • unusual

    It's the reputation of the White House that's in tatters, thanks to Trump and his team of lying sycophants. On both a national and worldwide basis, the FBI is respected - Trump is a laughing stock.

  • RobertJohns

    Although Trump's rants against the FBI are his usual over-the-top nonsense, the agency hasn't done very well at maintaining a high level of integrity.

  • TheoreticallyScottCA

    A huge waste of tax payer money. This is nothing more than The GOP trying to deflect from their crimes and the crimes of Trump.
    The GOP is Evil and traitorous.

  • Raider

    I can't imagine the outrage if President Obama would have said half the things Trump has said about the FBI. How does the GOP and the "conservatives" justify their silence.

  • Prophet With Honor

    A waste of valuable time.

  • Orange McCarthy Slush

    ah, the new talking point deflection from Trumpsters: "but Al Franken" (of course Al as the blz to do what Roy Moore and Trump fail to do. Admit wrong doing and step aside).

  • Greg Finley

    After the Hiilary email debacle and all the lies she said to the FBI and they did nothing . I think the president is right.

  • Ideology

    Can you imagine if they forced every US citizen to send $10 to Mueller's team to fund this investigation and pay for his dream team of Government lawyers. There would be a riot. That is exactly what they are doing.

  • Diana Vickery

    Millions and millions spent so far..What must not recall the arrest of agent Connolly..who was on a mobsters payroll and then convicted of murder. Someone later had a federal judge overturn the conviction. Thank GOD an appeals court reinstated it..This is "honest" feds attempt to cover each other .Now according to my city Fulton,N.Y . When Trump "goes down sometime this spring" the feds will then move in on me..His son BARON is clued target off a story I write based on only facts. It links back to two FBI " "friendly fire" shootings. One on my father's birthday in 07 and the badge number links to my son's birthday. I say with the Syracuse FBI in 2008 very run down and very confused about a young girls death..that I know was no accident. The make behind the wall spoke deliberately for me to know that the something about my father's birthday and a date..that I later researched. Was in his words a "something went on there too" direction they had then...It links to the real reason Oswego Police Chief Lundy was fired in 2006.

  • Lee Thompson

    Trump is the entity who can't be trusted, right alongside him are his cabinet and staff . . . they all lie. And to try to defend himself, Trump attacks the agents within the FBI. Well, we aren't swallowing it. The more you wriggle, Trump, the more guilty you appear.

  • Ideology

    If the FBI is proven to be political the Peasants will riot and we'll have to imprison the whole population. Who'll be left to take the taxes from? I for one like my government job.

  • Pai mei ✓ verified

    Still waiting for Trump to criticize Putin as much as he does American interests and people.