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  • robert macmann

    I was born in 52' but I had 5 uncles who served in the Pacific and Europe. Over the years I became very familiar with all events in WWII, and it's because of my uncles that I have a huge respect and love, for anyone that served. Reading this brings tears to my eyes. Thanks guys and girls for your service and sacrifice.

  • Nathan Broussard

    of the course of the last one hundred years old soldiers and sailors have become nothing more than a memory, regardless of where they are we lay out a wreath in their memory. one thing was fortunate, even though a tragedy in pearl harbor, at least most of the ships were refloated and repaired in a short time by navy yard workers that led us to victory several years later

  • EGO

    God Bless you boys!!!!

  • xGreenxDragonx

    So sad to see them fading away slowly.. And the memory of that day as well.
    I exist today due to a torpedo training accident.. My grandfather came from Mexico as a young child and earned his citizenship by serving.. He was supposed to have been aboard the Arizona at the time of the attack.
    He was off ship being treated at the time in surgery have his fingers reattached .. He never forgave himself to the day he passed away for not being there with his shipmates and friends.

  • Joel Croft

    12/7 receives less and less reverence as life goes on, and I suppose 9/11 will also, eventually. Sad to let those tragedies slip from national recognition.

  • Marvin Ogravel

    The assault was carried out by the Japanese, not Japanese airplanes.