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  • StormWizard

    Most schools have well laid out plans for behavior issues with special needs students. Many many meetings are held with teachers and the parents to discuss what interventions the child is entitled to, types of therapy the child will receive and what is the right way to handle behavior problems. The ONLY way to be successful is for good communication between the teachers and the parents. I would think that all involved want whats best for the student.
    When a teacher disregards what is put into writing about behavior issues the entire system breaks down. If this teacher was having issues and took matters into her own hands and did whatever she wanted then she should be fired.
    Most Kids with special needs are aware of what is said about them. They aren't stupid. Being treated like an animal or being treated like your less then everyone else is painful and will in fact cause MORE behavior issues. Duh!
    As a parent of a special needs child I was willing to do WHATEVER I could to make the teachers job easier and to ensure my child did well in school. Sadly in our case it was Me that constantly reached out asking for more communication. Some teachers were great. Some really need to find different type of work.

  • KudGya B Dumber

    try that job

  • Ideology

    At least she didn't rape them.

  • Bob Nath

    Excellent.. These teachers feel that they have absolute power over the kids. They have to understand that they are hired as teachers because the society and school admin feel that they have the right patience and good moral to deal with young kids and make them better. These acts of abuse just is a clear violation of the school conduct in all grounds. All such teachers should be reviewed from time to time and actions taken against them appropriately. Taxpayers money cannot be spent on bad teachers