Dec 7, 2017, 7:09 AM ET

Drivers open fire on each other in Houston street after road rage incident


Two Texas residents took road rage to a new level when a minor fender bender turned into a pistol-wielding showdown that left an innocent bystander and one of the shooters injured.

On Wednesday around 2:45 p.m. gunfire erupted after two men were involved in a car crash on Houston’s busy Westheimer and South Kirkwood roads. The two drivers emerged from their vehicles and began opening fire on each other. The entire incident was captured on video by ABC affiliate KTRK, as video journalist Gerzain Garcia and reporter Erica Simon happened to be at a nearby Starbucks.

Hearing gunshots nearly 100 yards away, Garcia and Simon jumped into action, driving closer to the scene to find the aftermath of a relatively minor rear-end collision between a Jeep and a gray Nissan sedan.

Capturing the entire display on camera, Garcia said, "I thought they had stopped shooting.”

Garcia began recording after the last shot ended, but the men continued to threaten and wave the guns at each other.

After the gunfire ended, Simon recalls walking from behind the truck where she took cover, to find a woman bleeding. A bystander from across the street had been grazed in the head by one of the bullets. Simon says she attempted to comfort the woman by assuring her medical help was on the way.

A man points a gun at another driver in a road rage incident in Houston on Dec. 6, 2017.KTRK
A man points a gun at another driver in a road rage incident in Houston on Dec. 6, 2017.

An off-duty paramedic nearby helped stop the bleeding until ambulances arrived.

After arriving to the scene, police discovered one shooter had sustained a wound to the chest.

Police took both men into custody and the wounded shooter was taken to Ben Taub Hospital.

"If you get into an accident, call the police, or drive to a gas station to wait," Garcia said. "Don't start shooting at each other. A bystander who had nothing to do with this was injured. And it could have been even worse."

News - Drivers open fire on each other in Houston street after road rage incident

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  • FR0ST

    If only the third person was armed and could have prevented this......

  • nr

    Freakin' idiots - whip out your gun and fix everything. This is just stupid.

  • Clearwaterguy

    This scene will play over and over again each time getting worse, we are a lawless nation!

  • D.Smithee

    Welcome to the New America.

  • Duff McDuffee

    Two bad guys with guns. If only there were a good guy with a gun who could have stopped them. /s

  • Toni Gielessen

    Only in America ... No more travel to the USA - I do not want to end up being shot while driving a rental car down the road or being in the wrong place at the wrong time as a tourist. Gun insanity...

  • Asher B. Garber

    A well regulated militia if I ever saw one.

  • TheLocNar

    I can’t wait until we can all carry RPGs. An armed society is a gibbed society.

  • Sekigahara

    Yay! And some more responsible gun owners magically morph into stupid idiot criminals. Watering the Tree of Liberty (TM.), one innocent victim at a time.

  • zeliasgrand

    I used to be horrified by this stuff. Now I am starting to believe this is Darwinism in action. Let these types of folks kill each other and clean up the national gene pool at the same time. The downside is, however, that they are so self-centered they don't care who else they might injure or kill. Maybe bystanders should clear a path and then let them have an old-fashioned duel. Survivor, if any, gets both vehicles.

  • doggril

    NRA, can you help us out here? Which one is the good guy with a gun? And does the fact the bystander was shot mean she was the bad guy?

  • Marsha Liebl

    This country is going backward.

  • turtlemouth

    I'm guessing the younger guy felt "disrespected." I'm also guessing he's a felon or that gun was stolen, hence his throwing it on top of that building when the cops showed up.

  • J.w. Snyder

    "Ambalance". SMH.

  • The Thinker

    Did anyone consider the possibility that one of them was an aggressor and started shooting first, and another one was defending himself with a gun?

  • tamales

    Two drivers engaged in a road rage incident shooting at each other. At least they didn't use fully automatic weapons which are easily available to all of us. Me, personally, I'm trying to get my hands on a flame thrower. It will be fun using that on somebody.

  • KP

    I get so tired of the BS news that contradicts themselves and you don't get the real story. How can you capture the entire thing on video then state you heard the gunshots over 100 yds away, jump in your car to get closer?! So you really didnt capture the entire incident on video!!! Lost my confidence in your accurate reporting of news!!

  • Red Hawk

    The House just past a bill nullifying state's conceal carry laws. My state would have to accept jokers like those shooting each other.

  • mountainlady

    This is the America that the NRA has created. OK Corral time, folks. Shoot outs on the main street. Of course if innocent people are hurt....ah well, collateral damage and worth it for the 2nd Amendment. Terrifying and incredibly stupid. Is there anywhere in the US that is safe from gun toters? Apparently not.

  • Susan

    yes...lets carry guns across state borders...lets carry guns everywhere...go USA...shoot each other up...that way no one else will have can kill yourselves all by yourselves...

  • Dicazi

    A Jeep and a Nissan.
    Probably under $1,000 in damage.
    An injured bystander, serious charges facing both. Probable prison time.
    Idiots. Total idiots.

  • Ellis Sonatchi

    ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

    They were going to the home of Smith & Wesson
    They started travelling out down Remington Lane
    Travelling with their friends
    Colt & Henry
    Picked up a dog named Mauser on the way

    They stopped for the night at the Gatlin Inn
    The clerk’s name was Mr. Marlin Glock
    The next day they headed out towards Winchester
    Crossed Browning Creek into Springfield

    They were going to the home of Smith & Wesson

    ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

  • Bluefire

    How did I know this was going to be two men? What is wrong with them?

  • empty

    They were protecting themselves from each other.

  • Baa

    The only way to stop a 'good' guy with a gun is another 'good' guy with a gun. They can also easily stop any innocent people walking/driving near by.

  • jon rhodes

    What a shame that only two were armed with guns. If everyone had guns like the NRA wants us to have, everyone could have been shot. One more disgusting example of under kill. The NRA needs to upgrade their promotional skills. New and more effective leadership is obviously needed.

  • SlowNewsDay

    Another day in the NRA's America...

  • Jackee

    2 more people that should never be allowed to carry a firearm again...

  • gotosleep

    god bless texas.....?

  • ggaston1960

    I don't see what other choice they had. Gotta stand yer ground otherwise they'll think you are weak.

  • j penske

    And Congress just passed a bill allowing people to use permits for carrying concealed handguns across state lines. It's just gonna get worse.