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  • Andrew Gilmour

    America invested $5bn to destabilise Ukraine. Rose revolution in Georgia, Arab spring in Syria, kicking out Gaddafi and creating a mess in Libya, removing Saddam and creating a mess in Iraq, now Ukraine. America crossed a red line when organised a violent coup and put Poroshenko the puppet in charge of this country. The puppet is a war criminal who ordered to bomb civilians in Donbass (East Ukraine). It is only required to watch heaps of Youtube videos to confirm Proshenko's crimes. Europe applauded when the Maidan coup began. Now please face the consequences. It is profitable for America to watch if the Russians and Europeans kill each other, while America would enjoy the show and supply weapons. THis is how it all works.

  • flatrock

    " The Russian Foreign Ministry said Lavrov had told Tillerson that aggressive U.S. military rhetoric about North Korea is "impermissible." "
    That's amusing. Strange that the Russians apparently haven't told the North Koreans the same thing. Trump's aggressive rhetoric is still relatively tame compared to North Korea's rhetoric.

  • BLW51

    If we let Russia do anything they want, I'm sure that everything will be "tremendous" for the US and the world. I know Putin only wants people/countries to love and respect each other, and he'd never do anything to hurt a fly! /S/