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  • Edgar Lane

    Nice for ABC to make sure they put "White Cop" in the headline, incase we could not see the photos of him and the victim family

  • Plume

    Finally someone gets arrested! I wish that articles like this one would stop only singling out the African community and BLM as the only ones outraged of all the crimes committed by bad cops because #1, all of the racist single them out and #2 other minorities and some white people are as outraged and scared.

  • Standing A

    A 20 year sentence is not justice. Slager should spend the rest of his life in prison.

  • bsands

    A small victory for Justice......At last......

  • Matt Milsap

    "White ex-cop"? I expect to see race identifiers on every single crime article ABC posts.

  • CountryBoyMusings

    What's the benefit of this article title starting with, "White..."? I'm not arguing the sentence and that justice is being served at all. I'm just not clear on the value of giving an article title reference like that.

  • Freedom Kinney

    Stop the racist Post you ask who keeps the racist rants going look at Abc .Yes a cop who shot man for A VERY POOR REASON IS GOING TO JAIL .That is were he should be for killing another man for a very poor excuse agreed !! Why the dude chose to run we will never know police themselves need to rid the bad weeds out .We do not need more racist rants in the news stop the racism Abc . you sure neglect posting when my race shoots some one that selective racism ..Un Social media is destroying this country ..

  • 47_Percenter

    I hear the soon-to-be incarcerated creep's family are hoping Trump will pardon the guy!

  • Meridian King


  • Bombhead

    He'll be out in probably 6 years.

  • Iqiniso Alisabalulekile

    'American progress' - defined by TRUE equality of justice, access, employment and rights - moves at a glacial pace thanks to Republicans and conservatives primarily because their philosophy is based on an imaginary idyllic past that NEVER existed for non-white Americans.

    The bigoted right wingers who oppose progress and support a liar, criminal and racist like Trump will be inevitably defeated and relegated to the ashbin of history... and that history will not be a fairy tale construct like the 'good old days' that conservative whites imagine.

    Time to 'get real' in America.
    Time to 'get rid' of a fake President.

  • FoCoBiking

    I usually support cops, but he murdered Walter Scott in cold blood. A life sentence seems appropriate.

  • Shawn Tee

    Race baiting abc at it again....

  • Arne Yoga

    Wow, what's the US coming to when it sentences cops for the murders they commit? Civilized?
    What's next? Finding Trump guilty of treason? Then the world will breathe a sigh of relief.

  • WhoDat

    Did the family toss him some lube?

  • bobcat4424

    I would also point out something that most journalists seem to have missed: the "traffic stop" was for a "Libby light" that was not working. The Libby light is a federal requirement for manufacturers and does not pertain to motorists. NO state requires that the Libby light be working and only a handful of states even require two working brake lights. So the initial traffic stop was bogus. The most likely explanation is that the cop saw a Black man driving a Mercedes and immediately assumed it was stolen.

  • NASHUA007

    Don't B gullible/this pig will do a year or 2 and then motion the court and get released.
    Hopefully some 1 kills the maggot!!!

  • daniael

    he should simply fell on the stairs, just like we do with cop killers in certain states, for he is disgracing law enforcement honor

  • MeowMix

    20 years is too much! I wanted to see this guy serve time too but wow...that's pretty harsh for a heat of the moment poor decision while in a stressful job situation.

  • grinninglibber

    Another thug in blue

  • TeXan1111

    The man will be released after 6 months in jail.
    The man was running away if you saw the video.

  • Bill Smith 999935

    Sounds about right.

  • DJ17

    Good to see a bad person held accountable. This ex-officer is a disgrace to the uniform.

  • 1SouthSide1

    Let this murdered sit in a cell with a picture of the man he killed hanging on the wall for at least 10 years.

  • MistaO

    This joke of a sentence recommendation, the case in Ohio this week where a white college student murdered his roommate over a cheeseburger and received a 5 year sentence and could be out in 6 months, and people have the nerve to suggest the judicial system is equitable! SMDH

    This trash flat out murdered Mr. Scott and should have a life sentence at minimum! If a black man shot someone 5 times in the back would this even be at issue? We all know that answer.

  • gpx21dlr

    Thank you judge. Justice served.