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  • Bill

    Stop gap, additional spending, threatening to shut down the government, raising the debt ceiling, voting party line... Same result under Obama and now Trump. We will continue to see the debt go up and we will be "holding the bag" as both parties get nothing done for the sake of "party line".

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Amazing things happen when GOPers control the govt.

    The best they can do is approve budgets that go a whole two weeks into the future. Exactly the long range thinking needed to make America great again.

  • Niltsi

    The illegal alien debate will make it interesting though.

  • joetentpeg

    Ya mean 'fake shut down.'

    The govt. never really 'shuts down.' (Got IRS?)

    Only the 15% of 'non-essential' govt. agencies close.

    Hey! Now there's a solution!

    Maybe we can 'pay for those tax cuts' by permanently shutting down the 'non-essential' 15%!

  • Timehascome

    "For Republicans, a shutdown would put a humiliating bookend on a year in which they've controlled the White House and Congress with little to show for it."

    Little to Show huh?
    The GOP Achievements 2017:
    1. Delivering an Ignoramus President that's scared **NOW** of Vladimir Putin's X KGB 007 Men, since his reneging on a $300,000,000 Gift to "Hand Over America"!
    2. Lack of Compassion & Humanity for Americans (Only for their Party)....
    3. Speaker of the House that Hides in the Shadows = 95%
    4. Rob the Middle Class...
    5. Tried to end Healthcare to save Insurance CEO's big $$$$ so they will make Campaign 2020 Donations to Trump (Lawyers Fees for Trump---He needs them now!)
    6. Supporting a Mental Patient on the Run = Trump (referenced in #1).
    7. The Biggy = Showing their HATE For "ANYTHING---> NON GOP!"
    Passing Great Legislation was Never on the table for these Clowns...PERIOD!

    So yes...the House + Senate have done a try and Destroy America to hand feed an Orange Idiotic Puppet to sign stuff that Proves they hate America...and what we used to be.
    Oh those Haunting Words =
    "The 2018 Mid terms!"

  • Evan German

    Among other things, the story says Repubs need eight more votes to do what they want with budgeting. THEY ONLY NEED SIX SOON! Their conspiracy to find women who will allege sexual impropriety, but have not yet committed to saying it under oath, appears to be working in this Trump era of 'guilty until proven innocent'. Only 48 more volunteer women needed to start the stories against six more Dem Senators. Can they get that many before they really need to do a full budget spending bill?

  • whosonfirst

    Republicans clearly don't care about US citizens and only care about people they want to bomb. The nation can shutdown as long as they get to skim from the cost of killing people overseas. And to all the zionists, sorry about your loss.

  • BD70

    Meanwhile in 2018 the republicans will be targeting SS, Medicare, Medicaid and Welfare. Onwards we fight. Oh and Trump just blew up the middle east so there is that.

  • piboson

    So, rather than do meaningful, substantive work for the American people, Congress spent a year trying to recall ACA (aka ObamaCare), rushing through tax "reform" legislation that takes from working families and gives to the wealthiest and corporations, allow a so-called president run crazy, ... etc., rather than do the People's business!!! Congres acted deplorably over the past 8 years. Congress and the so-called president stacked up a great, really great list of miserable failures against the people. If I were in Congress, I would vote NO to keep government open in an effort to stimulate the public's awareness of congressional miserable failures, and highlight the great, really great inabilities and ineptness of Donny John.

    Now the Republican's want to add a child abuser to their ranks, someone that swore to his god his allegiance to the Constitution, then ignores the Constitution and his religious convictions. Are you fricking kidding me!?! We need to change the make-up of Congress today, we need to get a President that can lead, that understands. Dotard's relocation effort in Israel puts more Americans and great risk. Donny John is too inept to be a president, too mentally unfit to accomplish anything meaningful.

  • error_does not compute

    The prospects for successful White House talks were buffeted Wednesday when the impulsive Trump blurted to reporters that a shutdown "could happen." --- ADHD ... textbook behavior