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  • trusake

    What can you even buy with a bitcoin? Sure as hell can't go to a dealership and tell them I'll give you a bitcoin for a car.

  • BaliRob

    The secret is - not to bemoan the fact that one did not get in at the beginning. Because, if I had - as sure as eggs are eggs - the Bitcoin bubble would have burst the following day - I am so happy to have preserved my hard-earned savings - good luck to the rest of you BUT REMEMBER history repeats itself and has done so from the
    South Sea Bubble fiasco

  • bitbillions

    Bitcoin isn't coming back down. It is easy to start mining bitcoin with a laptop and Google Chrome. Download the mining extension here to start mining bitcoin before it is all gone in 2018! >> http ://goo .gl/RAfG1V

  • TexasVulcan

    Dumb question: Where do "bitcoins" come from originally?