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  • retired too

    Poster child for term limits.

  • Blaize Rage

    Term Limits are a good thing. No one should be in Congress for half a century.

  • Thelightlady

    This is more sad than anything. Most of these allegations happened after a severe decline in his mental abilities. There had been whispers for years about what appeared to be dementia. But he refused to retire and people around him were to afraid to push him out the door.

    Now his legacy is ruined. I do not believe this is a Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey thing. I think this is a person who lost his mind. There are stories about him showing up to give a speech in his pajamas, unaware that he was still in his pajamas.

  • Traveler1

    At 88 and with the not so secret of his declining abilities, Mr. Conyers should have left year ago. Better yet his constituents should have realized that legend though he may be,it was way past time for him to retire.

    I think if citizens could really see how many of their elected officials are way past their "use by date" - it would be a wholly different Congress.

    As for sexual harassment - there's no fool like an old fool!

  • MauiOhana808

    Congress should have 4 year term limit, just like any president, and they could only serve 8 years max, just like any president!!!!!
    Aloha : D

  • Sue Thomason

    Conyers is a perfect example of a politician who was able to keep up a public persona totally removed from his personal one.
    There are many others I'm quite sure.

  • Ideology

    Makes sense. Volunteers aren't paid. Got to survive somehow.

  • sixstrings

    The bar was set high by Conyers?

  • Joe Scranny

    Why is there no mention of the failed impeachment attempt on this website? Anyone?

  • Ideology

    If a man harasses a woman it is sexual by nature and vice verse due to gender difference. If two people of different race disagree it is racism. Blah blah blah.

  • Primo Veritas

    Uh...gee, the man resigned already. So?