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  • ReviewTheFacts

    And that 2% will more than be swallowed up by the exponential increase of health care costs, the rise in insurance rates, and the cost for goods, ESPECIALLY if we enter a world war, which is growing more likely.

  • Lawrence Wilson

    How much will I lose this time as my Medicare Vantage premiums & co-pay's for exams & treatment, lab fees, & pharmaceuticals continue to go up??

  • Shoe Iron

    So what? Medicare will just take it, just like last time. No real increase. Fake news.

  • Robert Maxwell

    It's all a little amusing. If you're my age you spent years in the military and it wasn't covered by Social Security so you get nothing out of it, just as self-employed lacked coverage. Then, if you spent much of your professional career on government-0funded research grants on human aging -- don't worry, none more than $18,000, and that was only for two years -- you submitted a penny pinching proposal that had you down at half salary although everyone in Washington knew you'd be working full time and more, only the first $3,000 was subject to SS withholding.

    The result was a monthly income of roughly $1050. I'm not complaining because I enjoyed the work I was able to do. But think of it this way. Trump and the GOP are absolutely determined to kill the estate tax -- or "death tax", as their pollster likes to call it. If it's repealed, it means that half of Trump's cabinet members would pass on to their kids a billion and a half dollars.

  • Will Postthetruth

    For the second year in a row, this is a bizarre miscalculation. The Sept. '16 CPI-W was: 235.495. The Sept. '17 CPI-W was 240.939.
    100% x (240.939 - 235.495)/235.495 = 2.3%

    If the calculation gives us 2.3%, why are we only getting 2.0?
    For last year the calculation was:
    100% x (245.495 - 234.170)/234.170 = 0.6%
    But we only got 0.3%

  • Will Postthetruth

    "Some conservatives argue that the inflation index is too generous
    because when prices go up, people change their buying habits and buy
    cheaper alternatives."
    Yeah, we can buy dog food instead of chicken, right?

  • Holly

    Posters whining about a 2% raise. Unbelievable.

  • mike basich

    Thats more than the Obama Administration gave in the last three years.

  • Fred

    those born disabled are still screwed, 730/month, need a cosigner to get a rental. if your family dies ,you are homeless forever. and congress has written blue laws/ religious laws to block treatment studies/testing. I have spinabifida and they have made some breakthroughs in stem cell stuff but us doesnt allow it,...

  • John Michael Davis

    Trump should put a stop to this and make those people get jobs. /s

  • Billy Bob Smith

    "The average monthly Social Security payment is $1,258, or about $15,000 a year."

    Based on a work year of 2,080 hours (40 hours/week times 52 weeks), that comes out to $7.21/hr, a few pennies below the Federal minimum wage.

  • Dale Blackstock

    I know that in some states, not all, are subject to a Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). Those who are teachers, or some others on an annuity are penalized and we don't receive our full social security. I don't understand what it does or why Congress take OUR money from us. I asked my senators, John Cornhole and Ted Screws, why I am treated differently. I got some BS about SS going broke and that something had been done, etc. If Congress would pay back that $10B that they stole from SS to pay for Reagan's Star Wars Program, the TRUST fund called Social Security might more secure. Social Security has absolutely NOTHING to do with the budget. It is a trust fund.

  • RedSoxPatriotsCelticsBruinsFan

    Social security gets a raise but not interest rates. the Fed is still manipulating the economy. Paul volker is still alive you know. I wonder what he would say.

  • Butch Roberson

    I'm beginning to understand why Trump calls it fake news. Two percent of nothing is nothing.

    [email protected]

  • notagain

    Big whoop. Gobbled right up by increase in medicare supplement and prescription costs.

  • Banned by ABC,CNN,NBC and CBS

    It's causing them to dip into savings more quickly," Really...many seniors have no savings and $25.00 extra per month may sound like a little, but it can mean a lot because many of them survive on $1000.00 per month or less and if was not for subsidized elderly apartments many would be outright homeless. I deliver a dozen "meals on wheels" 2 days per week and know that an extra $25.00 would mean a lot to many elderly and the ones I deliver to. most live solely on social security their rent is about 400 per month utilities 200, so most of them live on about $100 per week for food. and maybe get another $120.00 for food stamps. Hopefully this raise is not eaten up by an increase in rent for them.

  • GayEGO

    I'll take it, before Trump and his GOP grab it!


    Wow,the social security pensioners will be filthy rich,with 20 dollars raise. They will go crazy spending left and right.