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  • Pawel66

    Poland has acted as a wall against Russian advances towards Europe.
    Someone has the guts to say No to Weinsteins of this world....

  • rightened

    Well, uh... uh... Russia might've hacked Poland, but they'd NEVER do that to the US! I mean, it's not like our own President didn't invite them to give it a shot last year, or something...

  • Dr. Gurnicus Blanstonius

    What makes them so sure it's Russians? Could be the chinese or some fat guy sitting in the basement of the white house...

  • Benedict Donald

    Do you suppose there's a Polish version of Kelly Anne Conway, telling her fellow citizens that it could've been anybody and Russia is their friend?

  • John Barron

    Does Trump still think it is a good idea to partner with Russia and create an elite anti hacking team?

    I am sure he does.