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  • adamrussell

    Cuba unleashes futuristic weapon!
    Trump tweet calls retreat!

  • thee1truth

    If you go to the NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre.....
    Auditory examples-Sounds of tinnitus

    You can hear the sound on
    Sound 9

  • Fly Away

    1. Our people in Cuba need to begin wearing ear protection 24/7 immediately.
    2. President Trump needs to immediately undo Obummer's screw up in opening up Cuba.

  • rontron

    No audio file attached to this article.

  • fifolo

    Most logical to gain from this is Russia, so I'd look that way

  • Jay-me Seven

    Signature attack of House Harkonnen -- ordered by the Baron himself, no doubt.

  • Lionel Stander

    Crickets? Isn't that what we hear whenever we ask Trump why he never criticizes Russia or Putin? Yes, that sound can apparently damage the brain and make you a Moron. Tillerson agrees.

  • Lionel Stander

    It's pretty obvious. These attacks were against our personnel and Canada's embassy as well during the Obama Administration when moves were being made to normalize relations. Putin was threatened. The attacks came from Russia.
    Trump, Putin's poodle and lapdog, is attempting to blame these attacks on Cuba as an excuse for withdrawing our embassy in Havana and giving Putin what he wants. Trump is a traitor and should be executed as such. Just look at his fat, squinty, moronic eyes. The maggot is a traitor.

  • Lance

    "...they should get up and move to a different location, because the attack is unlikely to be able to follow them, the commenting individuals said."

    Obviously this is not some guy pointing a speaker out a window. Is he implying the weapon is built into the embassy building itself?

  • W Lee

    Why would Cube launch a weapon to hurt American officials especially with a Hostile GOP and Trump administration in office? Why would they risk another embargo or worse economic sanctions? If they were testing a weapon of war would they test it on their home turf? And why with the most advance spy agency's in the world with the CIA and NSA among other alphabet agency would they not know what this was the instant it was happening if it was real? This whole thing sounds incredible strange.

  • Bill Smith 999935

    Third world witch doctors.

  • John Barron

    What Americans heard in Cuba was the sound of laughter and ridicule, just like you hear all over the rest of the free world lately...

  • TrumpsAmerussia

    It was Trump's high pitched Whine.