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  • rightened

    The confusion is present in Puerto Rico, too, with electricity and communications still knocked out.

  • rontron

    I think these people are being unreasonable expecting the sheriff's dep't to have all the answers to everyone ones where abouts considering the huge number involved over a large area.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Imagine how much harder it would be without cell phones and the Internet.

  • Barbara

    How scary that we seem to be inundated with natural disasters at a time when we have the most incompetent so called president and congress in the history of this country.

  • Pangaea 47

    One problem is that many people do not know how to contact their friends and relatives if their cell phones are dead or missing. Another issue is that some people have been evacuated several times as the wildfires spread and changed direction erratically. Food and rest can become a more important priority than immediately getting in touch with others, especially if they think their relatives know they were evacuating in time

  • fmd160

    The key word here is chaos which includes lack of communication. It has happened in every major (expected or unexpected) disaster all over the world. When there are thousands and thousands of people at risk and evacuations are happening or intense rescue attempts are being made there will always be chaos. I feel for everyone who has been, is, or will be in this position.