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  • Len Johnson

    Man has been fighting and killing man since man became man 250,000 years ago.

    It's the way nature is designed.

    Deal with it.

  • rick moss

    Republican presidents like to have wars. For example, Bush Sr. and the middle east war; Bush Jr. and the war in Iraq. Wars are good for making money for the one percent and that's all that counts in their minds. They don't care how many of our soldiers die; and Trump doesn't care how many millions he'll kill as long as he's not one of them.

    I've been saying this president is DANGEROUS since he was elected. He's mentally unstable and does not see the world as most intelligent people do. And so far all he's done is confirm my conclusions about him. As long as he thinks it'll get him publicity and make him some money Trump will have no problem starting a war. The question is - will Congress stop him before he gets the chance.

  • Nick

    There is only one time to cut the head off the snake, this not only has to take out Kim but all his military and political leaders. I suggest the once a year meeting in their grand hall, a regular bomb might not work since many can escape in tunnels, but a small nuke could do it.

  • Mick

    Welcome to the Reality TV War brought to you by none other than Mr Reality TV himself. I can't see this going well because nothing else has. Stay tuned...

  • Trekker

    When you have two mentally unstable leaders such as Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, launching threats at each other, its not a matter of if war will break out, its a matter of when. Unless, countries such as China, Russia and Japan, can intervene and persuade these two leaders to start talks about having real talks, to make the Korean peninsula nuclear free, and come to a verifiable agreement that results in lasting peace.

  • Independent Cacodemon

    China has told NK that they're on their own if they strike first, and has likewise told us they'll back them if we strike first, so each side is left trying to provoke the other into taking the first swing.

  • Chuck

    War with North Korea is war with China. Hope your ready for a long, long, long engagement, and not just with bombs. It will take ground forces also. Get ready for the draft as we will be going up against on army of 2 1/2 million. How exciting for us.

  • Ron

    Naaaaaaaaaaa. What gave you THAT idea? America has been IN WAR, somewhere in the world for the last 70+ years. Why stop now?

  • Randy Rjjd

    Should send all trump voters to the front lines. Maybe they can hug all those guns too

  • Tom

    This man has no concept of how to solve problems only how to create them or make things worse. Look at his approach to healthcare reform. He would see people die from lack of affordable healthcare just to have his way. He's about Trump first, not the citizens he works for,

  • Carla Ramo

    Inflammatory article much ABC News? Yeesh!

  • b rubble

    Any country would win a war against us now if Trump makes the calls. You can give someone all the pieces but if you don't know how to use them or have everything work together it is useless. Kind of like a sports team loaded with talent but if you have a bad coach that can't get the team to work together and execute smart decisions then you get demolished.

  • b rubble

    General: Mr. President, North Korea broke through and has landed on our shores.
    Donald: Wait, I have to send out these tweets against the fake news that say I am losing the war. All lies I tell you. I am winning the war beautifully!

  • GayEGO

    So far, Trump's comments about NK are very similar to Mexico paying for the wall, equal and a value of NADA!

  • thinkmore

    The continued existence of the USA depends on limiting Trump's power. He has no knowledge, experience, or moral scruples that would prevent him from launching a nuclear first strike against NK.

    Take away Trump's ability to launch a nuclear war!

  • Chuck

    All of the republican presidents in the last 40 years have engaged us in some kind of war activity. Why would we expect anything less now with this looney in charge?