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  • indicative

    I don't know why...can't explain it...but I feel there is something strange about this story. I am suspicious of the way they were captured, how well they were apparently treated in their captivity, the fact that they have 3 children now who also appear to be happy and healthy--they just don't seem like they were prisoners to me. And why did they have children at all in that situation? Maybe birth control wasn't available, but still, there are other ways to ensure contraception . Also, his refusal to board a plane to the US is very strange. Granted, he may not like the US, but anyone will say it's better than staying in the area where you were held prisoner.

  • 777abc

    "Couple described as morons are free from captors" is what the title SHOULD read.

  • BurmeseDude

    Hiking in Afghanistan is no adventure, it's pure stupidity. What's next, if they haven't learned? Hiking in N Korea?

  • Rubber Banned

    I hope the govt didn't have to give anything up to get these morons back.

  • xtch3

    Well, they're "free" now, but did the husband ever allow his family to get on an actual plane to leave the place?

  • DarqueSideOfTheMoon

    I'm finding myself less than sympathetic for these people. Seeking 'adventure' in a war zone is the height of stupidity.

  • Pangaea 47

    Backpacking in Afghanistan while pregnant was dumb, but I'm glad they are free.

  • Some guy

    Who describes these idiots as adventure seekers? I own a Jeep and I go off roading, backpacking, and mountain climbing in Colorado. I am an adventure seeker. An American that goes on a trip to terrorist infested Afghanistan is a complete idiot, not an adventure seeker.

  • Tom S

    Boyle, the Islamic converted son of a Canadian Federal Judge, is the ex-brother in law of Taliban combatant Omar Khadr (son of al-Qaeda leader Ahmed Khadr) who was released from GITMO and recently paid $8 million dollars by the Canadian Government. Caitlyn Coleman and her Children were released two months later. Boyle has been free to leave since last year but has refused to leave without them. Boyle took his pregnant American Internet bride, Caitlin Coleman, to Afghanistan looking for his Taliban "family". Boyle spent 4 years as a legal advisor to GITMO detainees trying to win their freedom. Boyle was the organizer of the "Hunger Strike" in Canada the brought national attention to Omar Khadr and won him his release from GITMO. Omar Khadr is in debt to Joshua Boyle for his freedom. Boyle is now financially set for life.

  • EarlGrayHot 00

    These people are idiots to go where they did. They put themselves in danger and they should have known better. No common sense whatsoever.

  • E Sverdrup

    I bet they're getting hounded by reporters. Too bad we allow that type of harassment.