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  • Carlotta Monterey

    Trying so hard for the next election but not to alienate the party.

  • Arijit Thakur

    Is he up for re-election in 2018? Does he think Trump's endorsement is all he will need?

    Also, constitutional conservatism is an appropriate synonym for ideological stagnation.

  • Truth-B-Me

    Trump is the FAKE, not the news! Once again this total embarrassment to America illustrates his stupidity!

  • Rubbed Sage

    An angleworm has a stiffer spine than Paul Ryan. Most cowardly, ineffective speaker in living memory.
    The president is threatening to nullify the First Amendment, and the speaker of the House doesn't have the courage to call him out on it?
    That in itself is shocking. I can't imagine any previous speaker being such a coward.

  • gbgentleman

    Only 1116 days until the next presidential election. Hopefully we still have a country then.

  • roscoekarns

    NBC news is a cesspool of dishonesty that clearly needs its wings clipped for it. Noah Oppenheim stonewalling stories to protect the powerful shows just how serious and irresponsible the network has become.

  • DWileyOne

    I want Trump to go ahead and yank the network's FCC license, for just the reason that he states. Trump swore to uphold the Constitution ... meaning the entire Constitution (no just the parts he agrees with). If he yanks the FCC license, I believe that is an impeachable offense.

  • thinkmore

    Well, that's one point for Ryan.

  • giuliocc

    Tragic loss of life. Wild fires are a well known threat in Australia, as we have vast swaths of land that become tinder dry after winter, and as such, there are active media campaigns in the lead up to fire seasons to prepare residents in fire prone areas and there are specific protocols by police and fire departments (during forrest fires we a trained community programme called the SES handle this). Specifically, residents in regional fire-prone areas are told to prepare their own evacuation plans. Police and fire agencies have safety protocols to get residents out of impending threats. We've seen fires race through small towns at upto 40mph (70km/hr) when the wind is gusting, and with dry grass and trees in the fire's path, residence only have 5 minutes to evacuate if its just 1 mile away... You can blame climate change, or whatever, but the fact remains you will need to prepare communities for these sort of events. Clearly local authorities have some accountability here and there will be alot of soul searching in the aftermath.

  • Pat Baxter

    All the late night talk show hosts expose Trump for what he is. Bless their hearts. Someone like Paul Ryan and other weak, timid "Republicans" hide from the fact that Trump is a dangerous moron, but they know it's true. The American people know Trump is a dangerous moron, so "Republican" lawmakers are fooling only themselves. Thinking Americans know better. Of course there will always be Trump cultists/followers who would cling to Trump even if he (Trump) shot someone in NYC. Such folks are a write-off (a waste of time). Trump needs to be removed from office whether for his obstruction of justice; whatever wrongdoing is hidden in Trump's tax records; Trump's many, many conflicts of interest; Trumps molestation of females; or for his (Trump's) "interactions" with Putin and so on. The sooner Trump is out of office the sooner America can begin healing from the Trump-inflicted wounds.

  • Ursus Sapiens II

    Can we stop calling Trump's tweets threats now? Can we just call them what they are? Impotent temper tantrums?

  • JLP-B

    Trump still thinks he's the king, and our constitution is for us commoners and not him. I can't wait till some one in the legislative branch get the nerve up, and pulls on the reins real sharp and tight!


    Interesting how Trump gets so bent out of shape over guys taking a knee and over news reports, but can't condemn some of the most vile supremacists in America in Charlottesville because they voted for him.

  • center_line

    Ryan knows that when it may affect his getting re-elected that he has to do the little side step.

  • jetmagnet

    Paul Ryan and whimpering gop..can't open their mouths and say the truth about the worst president in history

  • jetmagnet

    Fake News only came into existence , with a Fake president. He's a Fake and a Liar.
    Steve bannon brought this fake news idea, to attack the foundation of democracy. This a precursor to an authoritarian government with a dictator. The man-baby narcissist wants things his way 100% of the time.

  • thee1truth

    25th amendment is the only answer to this madman.

    Trump is the Harvey Weinstein of America and until PAUL RYAN MANS UP AND SPEAKS TRUTH TO POWER.
    The world is going to be Harvey'd by Trump.

  • nimitz1

    Trump is so dishonest he is successfully pulling a con on himself. No doubt he actually believes that any news that embarrasses him is fake.

  • Former Earthling

    I didn't realize the 1st amendment was something republicans had a choice to back or not.

  • gFlint

    Hitler "the press is the enemy of the people". Dumpster just quoted Hitler. Is we smrt or wht. We gotts wht wees desrve ain't wees.

  • Locomotive

    If the press isn't stroking trumps ego it hurts his feelings and he gets upset.

  • katerant

    'Ryan added, "I don't always agree and like what you guys write, but you have a right to do it, and I'm a constitutional conservative and I'm just going to leave it at that."

    dot dot dot
    Ryan continued.....because I have no actual spine and will make millions when science discovers how I remain standing upright.'

  • Former Earthling

    Impeach the moron wannabe dictator SOB now!

  • jon rhodes

    The freedom of the press in this country is what sets us apart from countries like Russia, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and the list goes on. No president is ever going to be allowed to curtail the rights of Americans to express themselves, and that certainly includes our American media.

  • snake

    We are at a sad period in history when we have a pathological liar as president who describes accurate fact based journalism as "fake news" and 30% of America believes him. These same believers accept fake news as factual when it's delivered to them by Infowars, Fox News and Breitbart.

  • Planet Earth

    Ryan's spine is limper than donald's hair

  • rick moss

    Trump - the first president to act more like a dictator than a president. This guy's already violated the Lacey Act, the emoluments clause of the constitution, the Logan Act, the Public Information Act, and trampled on the constitutional rights of "Free Speech" and "Freedom of the Press". IMPEACH HIM, CONGRESS! You know you would have impeached Hilary by now if she was in the white house doing all this crap.

  • labman57

    Trump's response:
    "The U.S. Constitution is a bad deal. I didn't sign it, I didn't approve it. Therefore I don't have to abide by it.
    I'll write my own Constitution ... the best ever!"

  • Dick Enya

    Doesn’t matter what Ryan thinks. He can't change the constitution.

  • Ralph

    Trump complains of the lugenpresse. Typical !

  • badhairpiece

    Ryan is so full of crap. Tomorrow, after Trump finds out what he said today, Ryan will appear in a photo standing behind Trump with that brow beaten tail between the legs face. Happens every time.

  • Jeff Miller

    Any country that would elect and tolerate a trump as President is a country that is losing its appeal as a place to live in.

  • Kobrakai7272

    If I were constructing an anti-Mount Rushmore with the worst Americans' faces enshrined in infamy, I would recommend Paul Ryan's face be up there next to Benedict Arnold's long before I'd recommend Trump. Trump's act and actions are informed by ignorance, poor education, and, quite likely, mental and physical illnesses. Paul Ryan is intelligent, educated and mentally and physically well and, even though he is one of the few Americans actually in position to do something substantive about this and he does nothing on or off the record... except smile.

  • disqus_fn5s2QCDp8

    It's a miracle! Ryan can stand! Halleluiah!

  • roscoekarns

    Well if NBC were an honest news station and did not attempt to stonewall sexual assault cases by connected CEOs then it might be worth getting upset over, but NBC like its little sister MSNBC is an agenda driven faux news organization with a bias thus making it redundant.

  • STJ581

    I wonder what Ryan would do if the President was a Democrat and threatened the first amendment? I'll answer my own question. He'd have articles of impeachment drawn up. Ryan is a mealy mouthed politician with ZERO convictions.