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  • DWalt

    what a misleading article, it says nothing of the violence instigated by the (Peaceful) ,yeah right, demonstrators, nothing about area ranchers livestock that was killed and consumed or just left to rot, it says nothing about the mountains of frozen feces thats was left for others to clean up before thaw so it wouldn't cause the worst environmental disaster ever on the Missouri river system. It says nothing about the hardships on area reservation residents caused by blocking the major local highway. Says nothing about the boozen and drugging, going on there.
    Says nothing about the out of state riff raff attracted sickening display of liberalism, (acting before thinking). There are many pipe lines under the reservoirs of the Missouri river system, this one is the safest most modern of all.

  • Craig

    Funny how when the pipeline upstream of the Dakota Access site was going in there were no protests at all. Wouldn't that have tainted their water just as bad? Oh, that's right, the pipeline at the Fort Berthold site was being put in by the Three Tribes and therefore never be able to pollute the water downstream. Or something like that.

  • JDC

    Great journalism. I love how the article highlights that absolutely nothing happened between Dec 2014 and April 2016. Such a detailed and well researched article that has absolutely no bias. Well done!!!

  • Designer Dragon

    How many hundreds of dump truck loads of garbage will the "environmentalists" leave behind this time?

  • mettahu2

    In the early stages of planning, the route was supposed to run near Bismark, ND, but that route was nixed because it threatened the WHITE PEOPLE'S water supply in Bismark. Now it threatens the Natives' water supply, but the pipeline got the go-ahead anyway. They're at least "studying" the matter, but it's still business as usual for the pipeline. Institutionalized racism at its finest.

  • Jackie Franze

    This article left out the fact the pipeline was originally to be built along the northern edge of Bismarck (where the upscale wealthy neighborhoods are). The rich white people of Bismarck said "oh no, it might contaminate our water, build in somewhere else". So of course, the pipeline was re-routed over the Native American land. Such injustice again!!

  • Doreen Minotti

    The Dakota pipeline is another example if "big business" doing whatever is necessary to gain control for profit. 100 million people should protest this travesty against the American Indians. Money and greed come again in the disguise of what's best for american's. Hopefully, people will open their eyes to what's really going on.

  • I ams what I ams

    I didnt see where the protesters garbage and excrement were piled up in heaps creating its own disaster to the river. Was that on this timeline ABC?

  • RohnertPark1

    The pipeline will never be built. It will be tied up in lawsuits for decades.