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  • TexasVulcan

    I think it might be interesting indeed to see what they were saying and who they were targeting. Would I fall for them? Probably not. But I am not the "target demographic".

  • bobhope1

    The question that occurs to me is: To my understanding, the total spent on these adds was less than 1M$ ( actually less than 0.5M$ ). In a campaign where each side spends ~1B$, seriously, how impactful could this less than 0.1% factor be? And that in a limited social media market?

  • 370HSSV

    No one will want to believe they were duped. People who were victims will claim the ads didnt really sway their position. I'm sure there will be plenty of "oh yea, well what about <this>?"

  • Mck dan

    ALL the ads need to be released! Not just the ones that the Dems want! EVERYTHING!

  • jims444

    I absolutely agree. American need to know just how Trump managed to cheat his way into the Oval Office. He's the absolute worst President in American history and he's destroying our nation day by day. Where are the Republicans during all this malfeasance and incompetence? They are complicit to is so remember it when you vote next time and lets end this nightmare for our country before he destroys us all.

  • STJ581

    No Russian trolls here yet but they will be.

  • FoxCatGirl

    I really want to know if any of these ads (or memes) showed up on my friends and family Facebook.

  • Educated

    ....Absolutely, these ads should be released.