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  • P bis

    This article was written by the WH press room. People devastated by these storms dont want to stand in line for hours and fill out voluminous paperwork for a measley check that takes weeks to get. They have to rebuild their homes, get children back to school, get a replacement vehicle, etc. The WH is innudating the media with Trump"s so called fabulous work which doesnt exist.

  • Princess

    ...the lowest level since late December 1973.

    THAT should be in the headline.

  • rightened

    "Fewer people seek jobless aid..." Perhaps because it really doesn't do any good? Let's hear it. How many people have gone to seek help, but found it to be an insufficient, ineffective means to gain assistance?

    Back in 2007, I went to get SNAP/food assistance. Spent the entire day in lines, talking to about ten different people, turning over all my financial information, getting fingerprinted and photographed, and otherwise appealing for help as a tax-paying American. Two weeks later, I got the notice that I was eligible for just over $20 a month. And no, I'm not kidding. (I was out of work but doing temp jobs and not seeking unemployment help, incidentally.) The county gave me that "generous" offer, which I rejected before taking a penny... mostly because, in order to get that first month's $20, I had to go and clean up a park on a day when I'd already lined up a $17/hour temp job (for one day only), two weeks earlier. The letter came and I had less than two days' notice to tell the county I would have had to cancel (which meant getting a letter from my employer, taking it to the office in person, and hoping that I was granted "permission" to get off their duty required work day assignment), and yet I'd STILL risk losing that $20+ that month--as a penalty for not showing up for city/county cleanup.

    "Aid" isn't out there like you might think it is. Hit a rough patch in your life, try and apply to various sources to get help, and then you get to learn that the hard way that whatever wealth of assistance you think people are receiving is grossly exaggerated for the most part.