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  • VO142857

    Good intent, bad implementation.
    1. Modern diesels are just as clean as gasoline engines. There is no reason to ban them earlier.
    2. There are really clean alternatives, such as CNG and LNG. They are not even mentioned.
    3. What about engines burning hydrogen? They emit water only.
    4. What about fuel cells? By 2030 they will be practical and affordable.

  • Blaize Rage

    Electric cars make sense for people that drive less than 20 miles a day.

    Unfortunately, an electric car is not going to get me to the bookstore which is 130 miles from where I live. Or get me to visit my relatives over 1000 miles away.

  • rick moss

    Well, that just blew any chances of Trump persuading France to start importing American-made coal fired cars. :)

  • Eteamer

    California bans them in 2040. And guess where most are made?

  • FasterBadger

    Well, France is willing to rely on nuclear power for electricity needs. Makes sense...

  • Nicholas Ingraham

    Given that cities can't even go after bad bicyclists half the time, how would a city like Paris keep gas powered cars out of Paris? With walls and official points of entry/inspection?

  • Jayeshkumar

    Our Automobiles made a Huge Energy Mistake right from their creation more than a century and half ago. The Mistake of not recovering their Kinetic Energy while braking and using the same Energy for their next Acceleration, and as a consequence ending up having to use a Disproportionately Huge amount of New Energy for their Acceleration. This Huge and Historic Energy Mistake that our Automobiles made more than a Century and half ago, or right from the beginning and has remained even now in all our Automobiles even after more than a Century of Motoring and many Oil Crisis and Oil Wars (and now this rising Air Pollution in our Cities, as well as the problem of Climate Change and Global Warming); but sadly also seen in our new energy or green vehicles such as Electric, Plug-in, Hybrid and Hydrogen vehicles. This mistake of continuing to use of those Friction Brakes!, that waste away all the Kinetic Energy every time while braking in our largely City Commuting, and using new Energy for moving once again after stopping. (Even the Latest of Electric Cars are seen with those Friction Brakes on all 4 wheels!). The Energy mistake these Automobiles should not have made in the first place, with the `Laws of Motion' established/known almost 400 years ago, and nearly a Century before the creation of the first Automobile. A mistake that could have been avoided right from the beginning or the Evolution of the Automobiles, by correctly following the Laws of Motion-the Newton's Laws of Motion.

    According to the Newton's Laws of Motion, Transportation can be Free! (our Moon does not need engine or fuel to go around the Earth or the Earth to go around the Sun for Billions of years now, why should these Automobiles require so much of Engine Power, Fuel and create all this Air pollution!), the rest is all about Simple Engineering, that even exists in a pull-back Toy Car!. The Engineering of Kinetic Energy Recovery while Braking, and its Recycle or reuse for getting a Completely Free Acceleration, by using the same energy `Stored in a Transmission!'. A `Smart Transmission Mechanism' that can Recover and Store the Kinetic Energy while Braking every time in our Stop-and-Go City Traffic, and use that Same Energy for getting a Fuel and Pollution Free Acceleration!. ..just like how a Simple `To-and-Fro' Energy Storage Mechanism in a pull-back Toy Car does that job so Brilliantly!. ..Trrrr (= Braking Action), ..Vroom (= A Free Acceleration!). A Completely Free Acceleration of our Automobiles from the Braking Energy that is Recovered and Stored in a Transmission!, and without having to use any Engine Power, Fuel, and all this Heat and Air Pollution from the Automobiles. ..and this means `An acceleration that can be powered purely using the braking energy stored in a Transmission!', and therefore without having to use any of the expensive or precious battery power!; for all those New Energy or Green Vehicles such as the Electric, Plug-in, Hybrid and Hydrogen Vehicles!

    Our Automobiles need only 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 or 1/5 the amount of New Energy, Fuel, Engine or Motor Power Currently used for their Acceleration; by Simply following the `Laws of Motion' or what is in a pull-back Toy Car!; that is Recovery of most of the Kinetic Energy while Braking, and reusing that same energy to get a Completely Free Acceleration! (as per the 1st law of motion or Conservation of Energy/ Continuation of Motion); as well as a much higher transmission efficiency by using a CVT like mechanism that follows F=ma or the 2nd Law of motion more effectively. (A Unique Transmission Mechanism that Recover most of the Kinetic Energy while Braking and use that same Energy for getting a Free Acceleration, thus drastically Reducing the Engine Power, Fuel Consumption and the Air Pollution from the Automobiles during their Acceleration; as also incorporating a CVT drive that follows F=ma or the 2nd Law of Motion, for further improving the Energy/Fuel Efficiency especially at Higher Speeds; was shown at the Autoexpo2000, New Delhi. ..17 years ago!). It is important to note that solutions for lowering Air Resistance and Tyre Drag would emerge once this basic issue of Preservation of Momentum, or Free Acceleration from Braking Energy or this wastage of Kinetic Energy with Friction Brakes is resolved. If these Automobiles can recover 80-90% of Braking Energy it would only need 10-20% of engine power, with rest of the Power coming from Transmission! ..just like in a pull-back Toy Car!

    The Best approach for Quickly and Substantially reducing the Heat and Air pollution from our Automobiles, especially in our Stop and Go City Traffic with Number of Signals, Stop and Turns all of which requiring frequent Braking and re-Acceleration, would be to use Mechanical Engineering (here the Engineering of a pull-back Toy Car), for their Acceleration and Braking part, and thereby use substantially less Energy, Power and fuel using much smaller and cleaner engines, and/or alternatively use the Electrical route or use the Battery/Motor Powered Systems for the Second part of going at Constant Velocity after initial Acceleration, by using whatever little power that is needed as per F=ma. In other words these Automobiles should use the Kinetic Energy Recovery Mechanisms like that of a pull-back Toy Car, for getting a Completely Energy, Fuel and Pollution Free Acceleration from the Braking Energy Stored in a Transmission!; and use minimum amount of Energy for going at constant speed (the Energy required for overcoming the Air resistance, Tyre Drag and Bearing Frictions). That is to say that we should not use Huge Engine power and a lot of Fuel, or even use Powerful Motors/ Huge Battery Power for the Acceleration of our Automobiles, or Generating the Initial Momentum from Dead Stop, Something that is primarily responsible for this Huge Air Pollution from the Automobiles, or requiring a lot of Battery Power making these Electric Vehicles very expensive and with limited range.

  • sixstrings

    "we have planned the end of thermic vehicle use, and therefore of fossil energies, by 2030."
    where is the energy for these cars coming from?

  • sakibaba

    Ok so Europe is now taking India's cue.I think this will be an Asian century as that's where the population a.k.a. business will be. Kind of sad how we used to lead the planet.