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  • terpar

    People were sleeping! Not many people were on their electronic devices at that time of night! They were in bed sleeping! The Only Best Alert would have been Police & Firefighters in the neighborhoods with loud speakers and knocking on/down doors warning residents!! Also a cell phone needs to be turned on to receive alerts! A lot of cell phones were probably turned off and/or volume turned down because Again People were sleeping!!!

  • CalTex53

    For years we've suffered with weekly tests of the emergency warning system on radio and tv, but it appears these were not used. Weather and emergency radios can be bought that are always on for these warnings.

    The good thing about this old-school technology is that it doesn't rely on local cell towers that may fail in fire & other emergency situations.

    As for Amber alerts, I turned these off since they're so annoyingly frequent.

  • Pangaea 47

    Multiple alert systems will help, but the speed and erratic directions the fire moved is also a factor.

  • Mike

    In fire prone areas, homes and structures need to be built with firebreaks. Properly spaced public parks in highly dense population areas could have been useful in preventing the spread of fires. The developers and government officials in California should have planned for this when establishing the neighborhoods that are now in ashes.

  • Dicazi

    My cell is right beside my bed and I've slept thru the ringtone.
    Maybe outside towers blaring warnings, like in tornado country?
    Course people can sleep thru those, too.

  • BannedNut

    EVERY Cell phone sold after a certain date was REQUIRED to have EAS built in. National/Presidential alerts are mandated to be ON, no opting out. Amber alerts and Emergency Alerts are opt OUT. meaning they are ON by default but each phone can choose to receive them or not. There is also EAS on ALL broadcast ... including cable and satellite. Those "broadcast" alerts have worked for decades to the annoyance of many. CA doesn't need to reinvent the wheel. They just need to use what already exists and works.
    Alternatively they can still use sirens that are part of the existing infrastructure... people just need to be (re) educated what those various siren patterns mean... the simplest being turn on your radio/TV to local channels and listen to instructions.