Oct 11, 2017, 8:04 PM ET

Trump to make announcement on fate of Iran nuclear deal Friday


President Trump is expected to announce his decision on the fate of the Iran nuclear deal in a speech on Friday, according to Republican lawmakers briefed by the administration.

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White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster was on Capitol Hill Wednesday evening briefing top Republican lawmakers on the administration’s forthcoming announcement.

Rep. Mike McCaul, R-Texas, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, told reporters of the planned Friday speech.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has also been briefing key lawmakers on the administration’s plans for the agreement, and met with Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Maryland, today at the State Department, according to a congressional aide.

As ABC News has previously reported, President Trump is expected to “decertify” the Iran nuclear deal forged by the Obama administration and declare that it no longer serves U.S. national security interests.

That decision not to certify the agreement would give Congress 60 days to re-impose sanctions against Iran that were suspended in 2015 as part of the agreement.

Trump could also ask Congress to impose additional non-nuclear sanctions -- such as penalties against Iran’s ballistic missile program -- on Iran, which would not end U.S. participation in the nuclear agreement. He could also ask lawmakers to amend the existing law requiring he re-certify Iran's compliance with the agreement every 90 days.

Top officials on the Trump national security team, including Defense Secretary James Mattis, have said Iran has technically complied with the nuclear deal.

Republicans critical of the initial deal have urged the administration to enforce it.

“As flawed as the deal is, I believe we must now enforce the hell out of it,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce, R-Calif., said in a hearing Wednesday. “Let’s work with allies to make certain that international inspectors have better access to possible nuclear sites, and we should address the fundamental sunset shortcoming, as our allies have recognized.”

Former Secretary of State John Kerry and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, who helped craft and negotiate the agreement with Iran under President Obama, traveled to Capitol Hill Wednesday to brief House Democrats on the nuclear deal and the argument for keeping it in its current form.

ABC's Ali Rogin contributed to this report.

News - Trump to make announcement on fate of Iran nuclear deal Friday

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  • mollydtt

    This Trump's on you GOP.

    Nothing short of nuclear annihilation will get the GOP to "consider" removing Trump from office, but, alas, that will be a little too late.

    Party over country. Unbelievable. (Well, I do believe it,)

  • quinLee

    Until the gop feels enough pressure from trumps stupid, nothing will change. Let's just hope that happens before he does irreversible damage.

  • Alex Ross

    First, someone needs to show Trump on a colored map where Iran is before he speaks. Second, they'll probably need to assign the stand-by babysitter and cell phone holder to extra duty. Lastly, have the teleprompter operator add strategic insults to the vague content so the dotard does not ad-lib too much.

  • Thomas

    Trump calls this the worse deal but still has not outlined exactly why this is such a bad deal.

  • John Barron

    I think Trump sees what a huge bump in approval rating Bush Jr got after 911, and wants a war to bring his ratings up. He even says he is a "ratings" guy.

    Iran, N.Korea.. doesn't matter to him.

  • Arthur A Ochoa

    we are not asking for trust we are more like asking for a little bit of respect our country has all ways helped the needy country from war after war the thing here is that there is no understanding or we don't want to understand what ever choice if its not done right its an all out nuclear war god bless america

  • Steve in CT

    Another "Obama made fun of me at a dinner" moment in the Trump Administration.

  • jake

    Sometimes I wonder if perhaps Trump intends to be not the best president the United States ever had but rather the last president the United States ever had.

  • Jrducky

    I, believe the only reason trump is so insistent on removing the Iran deal on nukes is because of Netanyahu!!!!

  • kritikosman

    Another Trump announcement!? ........ D'oh! .... He should announce his tax returns! Or, when he'll quit!

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Surprise, surprise, Trump as usual is listening to no one but the voices in his head. Despite objections from the experts who want the keep the treat, Trump is desperate to finally fulfill a campaign pledge and would risk Iran getting nuclear weapons in order to do it.

    And the dimwit doesn't seem to realize that we would be the ONLY country with sanctions. All the other countries will abide by the agreement. Trump is turning America into a treaty reneging untrustworthy laughing stock in front of the whole world.

  • Jackie

    [pass this on]
    We, the citizens of the United States of America, do hereby demand that President Donald John Trump, to immediately appear at Walter Reed Hospital and to submit to a full physical and mental examination. The results of those examinations are to be fully and completely made public to the citizens. The citizens have
    the right to know that the leader of their country is fully and completely FIT TO SERVE.

  • David Howell

    Question we need to know . Is what does Trump have to replace the Nuclear -deal. Trump is good at spreading crape but no solution on his policies or bills that creating more problems . It time to shut-up .

  • Edup McD

    Donnie Dotard is exasperating & tiresome ...
    His presidency is like death, incomprehensible how it happened ...

  • Rufus

    Look at it this way: If we could go back in time 5 or 10 years and make the SAME deal with N.Korea, would we do it? HECK YES! And then we wouldn't be in this ridiculous situation we're in now.

  • Bad Nun

    Don is clueless

  • Tony Radcliffe-Hung

    Trump is in deep trouble. He and his administration are under criminal investigation by the FBI. He's losing and losing and losing...AND LOSING some more on the policy/accomplishment front. He's an emperor without clothes on the verge of being exposed--even by his own GOP senators. He's desperate for a "hit". As Chris Rock might say, Trump desperately needs a hit. He needs another hit like a crack addict needs another hit.

    So he turns to his base and has been using the NFL criticism to fire them up. That fires up the base, but otherwise largely backfires too.

    So now he's like a person alone on a plane that's in the air, on fire, and running out of gas with thousands of miles of ocean before landfall--and they are desperately trying to lighten the load by throwing everything they can find out of the plane.

    The Iran deal....a landmark accomplishment of the last administration that by all accounts is totally working as it was intended to....is what he is eyeing now in his reality show presidency in desperate hopes that he will at least keep his base fired up and conned into continuing to support him.

    This means our president is happy to lie about and tear down a deal that is in fact KEEPING AMERICA AND ISRAEL SAFER and actually back out--NOT HOLD UP THE AMERICAN END OF THE AGREEMENT/OBLIGATION---just to hold on to the approval of his base for his ego and insecurity.

    It illustrates the absolute and utter low point we are at as a country under this president. And the absolute and utter clear and present danger he presents to the safety and security of this nation.

    If you don't take notice of that, or worse, if you defend this president under these circumstances...all I can say is you do not have a true grasp of the gravity and reality of the situation.

  • thinkmore

    Tax reform doesn't matter if Trump goes off the rails and starts a nuclear war.

  • thinkmore

    Congress-- Please remove Trump's sole ability to authorize the use of nuclear weapons. Soon. If you don't our unstable president might do something we will all regret.

  • thinkmore

    Why do I dread Trump's speech?

  • mm

    Nothing he says matters

  • Dicazi

    According to the international monitors Iran is honoring the agreement.
    If we unilaterally drop it, we will show ourselves to be untrustworthy, not only to Iran but to our allies.
    To the entire world.

  • ruelph

    Again, Iran is in compliance, and if Trump claims they are not, the entire world will know that Trump is lying and the U.S. will lose a tremendous amount of creditability. Before Trump, the U.S. was known as a trusted country that could be counted on to live by its commitments, agreements and treaties.

    As reported (9/21/17), officials from the countries that signed the 2015 nuclear accord with Iran have affirmed that there have been no violations of the deal. US top diplomat Rex Tillerson has accused Iran violating the deal in spirit.

    All parties involved in the Iran nuclear deal agreed on Wednesday that the accord was working and that it should not be scrapped, said the European Union's foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini.

  • whitepine

    I hope Trump stays on script. I hope he realizes people can and will die if he offends our enemies with his arrogance and ignorance, Just what justifies the USA to have nuclear weapons and others not.,

  • Badger land 2

    No worries, his IQ goes higher than an Iranian nuclear weapons mushroom cloud.

  • Vin

    This should go well.

  • Devliz_Tower

    It won't matter what Trump does. The rest of the world will continue with the current Iran deal.

  • katerant

    Trump: "It's frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write."

    OHHH! The irony!

  • Red Hawk

    Any effort to kill the Iran deal will be meaningless. This is a multinational effort, our other partners will not go along, not even Trump's buddy Vlad. Russian is Iran's ally fighting in Syria.

  • Puddin' Twain

    Trump will scuttle the deal because his irrational hatred for President Obama drives him to reverse everything he accomplished for America and the world.

  • tet1953

    Neither our friends or our enemies will ever trust us again.

  • mrphilbert

    The key here is he does not want to re certify the deal every 90 days. Having to sign something every 90 days that has President Barack Obama's name on it just galls him. If he could kick Hawaii out of the union in order to claim that President Barack Obama was not born in the Unites States, he would no doubt have done it already.