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  • Duane Locsin

    "And look at the background. You know, you know George Soros is one of those people that actually helps back these individuals. Who is he? I think he's from Hungary. I think he was Jewish. And I think he turned in his own people to the Nazis................

    Better be careful where we go with those."

    -Republican Rep. Paul Gosar


  • jps

    Lets say for one moment that its true that a left leaning individual organized the protest. So what?

    The group and protesters are still far right leaning. Its not like they got of lefties together and acted like far right nutjobs.

  • John Smith

    Wow...the GOP has gone insane. Did this character watch the Charlottesville march by the Neo-Nazi, KKK and White Supremacists at all? Did he hear their chants? Did he watch the hatred that came from them? It is a pathetic that a member of Congress engages in these conspiracy theories which have credibility. People in today's USA can apparently say whatever they want without evidence and pass it on as the truth. But this is all coming from the top. Remember when Trump claimed Obama was not born in the US? Remember when Trump claimed that Ted Cruz's father was part of the Kennedy assassination? Remember when Trump claimed that Obama wire tapped Trump tower? Trump has created a nation that no longer has any credibility.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Did anyone in their worst nightmare ever think that they would hear the words Nazis and White Supremacists linked so often with that of an American president? It is a reflection of how far our great country has fallen since Jan 20.

    And so because of a fearful, cowardly electorate, we are closer to that type of leadership than in our entire history. Fear and Hate. The words that can doom even the greatest countries.

  • Lee Thompson

    Yeah. Blame the left for a white supremacist rally. What a crock of illogical conspiracy hogwash that is! Geez! What asylum do these nut cases come from? Is there one specializing in alt right conspiracy BS?

  • Black Cat 22

    There are only two leftists who would do this: Hanoi Jane - Jane Fonda, and the wicked Susan Saradon who caused Hillary to lose. The rest of the left people are balanced.

  • Jim Enright

    This loon is a dentist? God help anyone who lets this sack put his hands in their mouth.

  • Nick Thommasson

    The "alternative-fact" crowd is basically the entire social conservative population. Education is the solution, when those people get college degrees they stop being ignorant conservatives

  • maritherese

    This country is largely made up of some of the most vacuous minds on earth. People by and large don't care; they'd rather watch sports and eat chips. Politicians exploit our indifference and careless thinking, and so does the media!

  • drathvedar

    I had to look to see what district he represents. I know I had never seen his name on a ballot. Not my district. Come on people, vote this idiot out!

  • Puddin' Twain

    These are the people who currently control our government.

  • Bob Bob

    This congressman is not fit to carry my dog poo to the trash

  • KCBforme

    Conspiracy theories are the name of the game by the righties. Another bunch of BS and shows the GOP at it's finest trying to play out more drama to keep the American people distracted from the dirty deeds they continue to do daily. Destruction of basic civil rights and a war on the environment are keeping them busy.

  • ruelph

    I see reality is not a common trait in the Republican Party. It's always about alternate facts (lies).

  • Dicazi

    What would have been the reason?
    To gain sympathy for the KKK and neo-Nazis?
    To get the counter-protesters attacked and gain public sympathy?
    To get the President to show his true Swampie colors?
    Actually, the last succeeded.

  • E’Clair

    Gosar joins the other members of pond scum.

  • gbgentleman

    As an independent voter, I am terrified of the GOP right now. Though I WANT a moderate platform with compromise on both sides, my own opinion is that I'll take the most liberal platform over this rhetoric of hate, greed and idiocy.

  • Lionel Stander

    Congressman parrots Nazi Lies and follows Trump's Fascist Example of Truth by Goebbels style Russian Trolling.

  • JDC

    Oh how the concept of divide and conquer is in full effect.

  • runton

    Rather than bickering, how can we help conservatives assimilate into modern American society and adopt American values so they aren't so scared of and aggressive toward the modern world?

  • MarkM

    O' the party of old white male haters and stupid followers. A scary group indeed.

  • Charla

    This is the MO for the Republican Party. Throw out a few baseless claims, and hope at least one sticks with their uneducated base.

  • Prophet With Honor

    "Many people are saying..."
    Innuendo without basis comes easily to some.

  • Eric

    You don't HAVE to be an idiot to be a republican politician, but..........oh, WAIT! Yes you DO!

  • JLS1950

    Let's face it: these Repugnant Congress denizens are so in love with their own lies that I think they sleep with them more than with either their wives or their secretaries.

  • eleanors rose

    Everyday its a new example of how republicans are the. biggest, dirtbags.

    The WW2 generation in my family is horried at how this country is not fighting back against Nazis, how the republican party is morphing into Hitlers brownshirts.

    My uncle and father lost a brother foghting Nazis and here... again!!!... republicans are embracing the enemies of my fathers, clearly they are Nazis too!

    This guy who said this is a Nazi. He should be seen as an enemy and a destructive force contrary to everything our Constitution snd our whatever shred of moral fiber we have left!

    His constiuents should be ashamed of themselves and ahould run him out of town to retain whats left of thier dignity

  • FarmFamily

    And the U.S. taxpayers are paying the salary of this nutcase? Disgraceful.

  • @ Clown Parade

    Sounds like a Fox contributor.