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  • WR

    Never heard that he initiated an Hispanic Heritage Month a month ago. Why haven't we heard about that?

  • LogicandReason

    Wow, my simple post "The MOTUS speaks. Tillerson was right" was removed. Why?

  • UnaMas80

    Maybe during Black History month he'll do a little rapping for us.

  • gianna

    Well he IS a moron. Hope they autopsy him when he dies to see if he has a great big beautiful wall in his brain that blocks empathy to his mouth

  • Pologize3

    SMH. Donald's brain gets worse by the day.

  • Phil2u

    What a buffoon!

  • Evan German

    His Spanish accent attempt was atrocious, bordering on demeaning cynicism. His attitudes and his words were unmeshed gears, grinding at Latino progress and achievements. His limited grasp and recognition of the depth of the damage in Puerto Rico have ruined his presidencys' chances of gaining any ground in the next elections. He still acts as if and appears to be rolling in that state of mind he had when he was a reality TV star, and he has not stepped up to the role of or responsibilities of the presidency, not one bit, not in over 9 months. He ignored the advice of the past president and seems to have developed a distaste for anything associate with his 8-year presidency, to the point where he will roll back regulations and rights without regard for the Constitution or the future of America.

  • Sunshine!

    He is so obscene it's incredible. By imitating the way Latinos pronounced Puerto Rico - he was just as insulting as when he mimicked the reporter during his campaign.

  • whitepine

    So Trump is the face and leader of the Republican party that rules this nation and the majority of America. I think I too will kneel for the anthem. My flag will stay in the closet. I see little to respect and honor.

  • reality25

    Did Trump throw in his infamous "criminals" and "rapists" comments as if America would have had no such elements if Mexicans weren't in the country? Maybe those words are only reserved for his MAGA crowd?

  • Life's a River

    Such a disgusting man! He is toxic.

  • wiseone

    Donald Trump will leave enough fodder for journalist, comedians, and fiction writers about a man who impersonated a president. Someone said that comparing Trump to Nixon would be 'unfair' to Nixon who despite Watergate, was presidential and politically sound.

  • Edup McD

    On the news feed, AoL's evening story Donnie Dotard & Melania compare life in the WH to a Venezuelan prison w/the wife of an imprisoned Venezuelan opposition leader ...
    Shameless Trumps ...

  • Catherine Cook

    Can this guy get any more condescending? Come on people, he is the President and this kind of behavior should not be tolerated. If people started reacting to him with disgust, maybe he will get the picture. Don't accept this rude behavior. You all would NEVER accept this behavior in any other person in this position, why accept it from trump?

  • dynamited88

    Tell it to the 90% without electricity and 50% without drinking water two weeks after the hurricane

  • Concerned

    What an ignoramus!

  • Fred Mertz Pants

    OK everyone, say it with me now:




  • Lionel Stander

    No Speedy Gonzales comments or lobbed paper towel? Low energy.

  • patburn

    Did he wish everyone a happy national taco day this week?

  • Focus

    Wow. He is absolutely shameless. Something is seriously wrong with him on a core level. As for her? No comment.

  • Mojo88

    The media is rife with people pronouncing names and places with a Spanish accent........never Italian, or German or Japanese accents just Spanish......

  • My two cents

    Wait, It's Friday afternoon? What's he still doing in DC? When's the last tee off time?

  • Where's the Revolution

    I'm surprised he wasn't surrounded by I.C.E. agents while he mocked a room full of Hispanics as he talked about heritage month for them.
    He must be getting soft.

  • John Barron

    Every day I wonder....

    What has his Dotardness done now? Let me check the news :)

    He never fails to deliver. :)

  • Educated

    ....I want to know where they found the audience and how much they were paid....Like down in PR.

  • landy fincannon

    Would cerebrating white culture in a predominantly white nation be racist?

  • Robin

    Why do people laugh? Send him a message that he isn't funny. Stop kissing his rump.

  • unusual

    Every day, his dementia becomes more and more obvious.

  • SpankyHamm

    That video of Trump throwing paper towels in Puerto Rico was pretty offensive.

    Trump: Hold my beer.

  • Nala

    as perto rico gets its phones and internet back the truth on how many people are still without food or water will be revealed!

  • kaymichigan1

    Well, at least he didn't do any Speedy Gonzales impressions, I guess...

  • Jimmy hat

    He's an idiot.

    To quote sexy Rexy: "What a Moron"

  • Bill2000

    Donnie DOTARD

  • Enigmatic Pragmatist

    I'm sure the Hispanic leaders were laughing behind his back. I wonder if Donald showed them his Purple Heart?

  • mollydtt

    Every time you think Trump can't be more embarrassing, he goes and does something even more embarrassing.

  • jfranklin

    Typical. Trump thinks a Ricky Ricardo impression is an accomplishment.

  • SpankyHamm

    Painful. Embarrassing. Hilarious. Meme.

  • Ric M

    I hate to ask, "Can this guy do anything dumber?", because within 24 hours, he'll outdo himself.