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  • Hank

    There are many monuments in Washington, D.C. to slave owners--the Jefferson Memorial, Lee's Mansion, a memorial to Robert E. Lee, likenesses of our forefather George Washington, who owned slaves, and so on.

    Ignoble history happened in America. It defines us; it is ours. Ignoble history has happened in every country.

    And now we are wrestling with how to claim it — publicly, in granite, iron and bronze — or reject it, by consigning Confederate statues to scrap.

    Monuments are all over the American landscape.

    This attempt at erasure of history by destroying monuments makes me very uncomfortable.

  • snake

    The Nazis have adopted the symbols of the Confederacy as part of their culture. It's time for the statues to go from the public parks into museums as relics of a sad part of American history.

  • SarahBeth2

    I can understand not flying a confederate flag, but......tearing down historical memorials? Next, they will want to pull the headstones off of graves in Confederate cemeteries. It's so Orwellian.

  • Sir Real

    Most of these Confederate statues were not erected until the civil rights movement in the 20th Century.

  • Steve in CT

    To those of you waving Confederate Flags, may I take a phrase from the Trump Supporters_ "You Lost, get over it."

  • Forsaken Perared

    I stated months ago when they started taken down the monuments in the first city it wouldn't stop there. you can't erase history but these people are sure going to try.

  • Mary Doan

    Shame on everyone who thinks this is a good idea. You all probably RUN LIKE BABIES from a fight.

  • flowerguy63

    We remove statues on civil war people, good or bad and we will eventually be puttng up statues of the koch brothers, the head of the kkk and trump. History IS starting to repeat itself.

  • Donnie The Lion

    From what I've read about General Lee, I don't think he would ever have wanted statues of himself erected in the first place. Long overdue to take them down.

  • Gerald Hemrick

    It helps to know that Kentucky was never a part of the Confederacy. Both Morgan and Breckenridge were traitors to the United States. Note to all defenders of traitors to the United States: Connecticut, home of Benedict Arnold, has zero statues honoring him. even though he helped capture Fort Ticonderoga from the British during the Revolutionary War before defecting to the British side.

  • arriba65

    It seems like every time the White Supremacists lash out to "preserve their heritage" the country responds by removing more confederate symbols.

  • Guthrum

    Next: Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Grant.

  • TexasVulcan

    Just read about these two traitors. One was actually a VP, left to become a general in the Confederacy.

  • RansomBill

    Then we have to take them all down right? All the Civil War memorials are to come down or is it just the confederate ones?

  • Redd Menace

    Way to be subtle and not cowtowing. Mr. mayor.

  • manderso

    Why not just put up a statue of Sherman, I'm sure everyone would like that.

  • CrazyShmuck

    Considering Kentucky didn't secede, this seems odd.