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  • SuMtOnE

    Not 1 but 2. He needs to be kill with a bullet. I'll provide 3

  • wiseone

    Aggravated murder by a juvenile normally results in being tried as an adult in primarily every state. Mitigating circumstances usually are in the area of mental disabilities.

  • blueberry

    Where were this boy's parents? These poor kids are raising themselves and then going to prison for it. Mom and dad, what the heck?

  • chris

    throw him in big boy prison, let him bleed out from his hiney

  • Lawrence Wilson

    Not a boy anymore, just another common murder who needs to be hidden away in some very dark cell with no privileges of any kind forever!

  • tim

    bad reporting. Who is the 16 yo mentioned.

  • helicohunter

    Some young offenders can be turned around, but killing 2 people at age 14 doesn't bode well for his future. Try him as an adult and lock him up for as long as possible.

  • Curbs Curb

    These kids have done nothing wrong, they are a victim of society. Society has let them down so now they have turned on it. Weed need to spend more money on the public school system and global warming.

  • rachel441

    Also, please prosecute his parents.

  • Abby1

    Since he wanted to show that he is a tough bad.a.$.$ with a gun, he should be prosecuted on adult charges like one.

  • FasterBadger

    Ummmm...yeah, you most definitely should try him as an adult.