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  • Andrew

    The politicians who voted for this law should be jailed.

  • John Springer

    sounds more like simple economic decision , you cannot have poll booth in every block.

  • justinthyme3

    The republican party: If you cannot ram them with a Dodge, then ram their voting rights!

  • kissatek

    With a population of 496,005 according to a census in 2010 and fewer than 600 active voters it seems the NAACP is missing something here.

  • SpartacusII

    republicans trying to rig the system, per usual.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Yup... the GOP figured out a while ago that voter suppression and gerrymandering together are subtle ways to undermine democracy in their favor. Much easier than... you know... doing a good job to stay in power.

  • trueblue

    one wonders why if there are more registered democrats - why there isn't a majority? gerrymandering and all manner of challenges that are not made in republican voting districts. republicans fight every single approach to make voting easier if it could enable more democrats to vote.

  • Binary_Bob

    Those with mobility issues should use absentee ballots, they must exist in Indiana.

  • Prophet With Honor

    There should be no racial or ethnic identification of voters .., all legal voters are American Voters .

  • Captn Blynd

    Consolidating districts with less than 600 active voters. Sounds like a cost saving effort. My county votes ENTIRELY by mail. There are no polling sites, ever. My County is extremely "white". No ones has sued over our voting. Are you telling me that Blacks and Latinos are unable to use the mail?
    "If THEY are doing it, it must be evil!" OK, why is this an act of deceit and not a simple cost saving effort??

  • Bruce Hill

    And the Right wing scum strike again.

  • jake

    Whatever it takes for the GOP to win, they will do it or die trying. Another phase of gerrymandering in 2017.

  • Harry Pooter

    You know, whenever ANY action is taken that makes it more difficult for people to cast their vote, that's worrisome