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  • meli cat

    I catch the subway to Center City in this section of Philly every day. It's pretty much heroin alley anymore. You can't get on or off the train without being panhandled by someone wanting money for "food". When you offer to buy them a sandwich, they decline (I've tried). It's a very sad and violent place.

  • David Hoffman

    Poorly written news report. Better separation and identification of the three people involved needs to be done.

  • Joe McCabe

    A person was killed by the white-supremos. It's on now...

  • Joe McCabe

    It's on now... Thanks, Trump, Bannon, Sessions, and his supporters.

  • Joe McCabe

    That'll be one Syrian Civil War, sir. Coming right up!

  • Joe McCabe

    Ladies and Gents, I present you the "Confederacy" the original - and still the best - ISIS terrorists.

  • Joe McCabe

    Before the election of trump: "We're not racists. How dare you!"
    After: "White Power!"

  • Joe McCabe

    Republicans are out of the closet, bigly.

  • Joe McCabe

    Wow! Didn't see this happening. LOL!

  • Joe McCabe

    trump rally got out of hand.

  • Lee Thompson

    Too many guns in this country, and a need for training in conflict resolution.

  • waynyatta

    Terrible. The writing is very unclear.

  • Prophet With Honor

    What, no jokes about the store name?

  • Dicazi

    Must be pretty sure his friend didn't start the fight. Is the victim going to be okay?

  • Educated

    ....Good, punks like this don't value human life. That's the problem. They are culturally conditioned to disvalue human life. They are uneducated.