Aug 12, 2017, 5:48 AM ET

Pat Robertson hospitalized after falling from horse


Pat Robertson, the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and a familiar face on its flagship program The 700 Club, has been hospitalized, CBN announced Friday.

The 87-year-old, who also founded the private Christian university Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was hospitalized after falling while horseback riding.

"Horseback riding is one of Robertson’s greatest passions and at the age of 87 still enjoys riding on a regular basis," said CBN, a 55-year-old global ministry.

Robertson is expected to make "a full recovery," CBN said, citing his doctors.

News - Pat Robertson hospitalized after falling from horse

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  • Donna C. Heitkoetter


  • Y&R fan for 36 years

    Satan is patiently waiting for him.

  • Ruth Campfield

    God Bless you with complete and speedy recovery. We love you!
    Ruth Campfield-Fuller and Art

  • Ron Angel

    I would have thought was more lightly to trip over seat belt getting out of the back of his new rolls royce car at his age!

  • Danny Higgins

    I hope he meets Satan soon....

  • Simone Dawson

    Time to grow up and act your age, old man. Stay away from horses; they are potentially dangerous animals to be around, esp. at your age.

  • dbatjr

    I love horses, especially the one he was riding.

  • ctla567

    Its time for sinners to contribute big $$ for his recovery so he can continue to sell Holy BS.

  • jad31

    Well, looks like God wanted Pat to come off his high horse. Smite!

  • STJ581

    Good for the horse but it didn't finish the job.

  • labman57

    "God's will" -- isn't that how Uncle Pat rationalizes his glee when bad things happen to entire communities who support socio-political stances that he opposes?

  • HumanCobras

    Pat is the devil. Hope he doesn't make it.

  • Elizabeth Slough-Mills

    My thoughts and prayers go out ... to the horse.

  • Sue


  • Scot Bear

    Reminiscent of Saul on the road to Damascus... Think he'll get the God's message? I doubt it.

  • Denese

    Oh no. Why didn't God catch him?

  • noneofyours

    he just literally done what trump has metaphorically been doing since becoming president but in slow motion, in front of everyone. Falling off his high horse

  • netxtown

    Would appear his god isn't such a good catcher. Or maybe a 'laying of hands' was just a little too nasty....

  • subtext9

    Once healthy again, Mr. Robertson might want to join Vladimir for a play date. Though it might be a good idea to ask about any Putin horseback dress code requirements beforehand.

  • Clare O

    he thought he'd look like putin.

  • Silvanus Slaughter

    Is the horse ok?

  • USA

    Some animals can sense evil.

  • Sarsar

    All I can say Mr. Robertson, is "the prophet Baelam".

  • Spiritdove Smith

    Hate for the man getting hurt and speedy recovery. Guess your invisible magick man in sky didnt have you back on this one

  • Paula Pearson

    Score one for the Great God of Gravity! Where was Patsy's hate filled deity when he was in mid flight? An all powerful god would have caught him and kept him from a boo boo! Gravity doesn't care, doesn't need worshipers and will smite you when you err!

  • DrSkeep

    Thank you, Jesus. Now, try it again from a more elevated perch, eh. Waiting.

  • Christine Vanoff

    God pushed him off.

  • Tim

    Evangelists who can't stay on their horse are spawns of Satan and closeted gay!

  • Michael McCall

    No Great Loss

  • OMA44

    It was God's will.

  • Ant

    I hope he dies slowly and painfully. He is a terrible person and should suffer.

  • GoodCoffee

    God works in mysterious ways.

  • John_Cabal

    Wonder what he did to deserve that ?

  • Don'tBotherMe

    The horse just wanted to rid himself of corruption.

  • KayInMaine

    He didn't break his head because it's made out of cement.

  • johnbales

    OMG! I am praying the horse is all right! Come on people, let's start a prayer chain for the horse!

  • Lee Thompson

    We should all have compassion for others, but this man has been so judgmental of so many that it's hard to feel compassion for him as I should. There are others who need my concern ahead of Pat Robertson.

  • Dicazi

    I will admit there's a base part of me that enjoys imagining him in Hell, maybe stuck in a flooding house's attic in New Orleans, or under a collapsed building in Haiti, where every aid worker is speaking French and he can't understand them.
    Because he said God sent Hurricaine Katrina and the Haiti earthquake to punish those places for being so sinful.

  • hollyroller

    Omg is he ok!?

  • Planet Earth

    Should've prayed harder

  • Nala

    his god decided to end it all!

  • Ferdinand Berkhof

    Never been much of a horse lover but as from today I'm a born-again hippophile.

  • ExMeaSententia

    Robertson has been on a religious high-horse for decades. So this was little accident must have been Jeebus' way of sending him a message.

  • wurldtravlr

    In other important breaking news... I went to the grocery store today and bought some breakfast cereal and other items...

  • demontirovannyy

    How did they get that fossil on a horse without breaking him? I thought he would turn to dust from an impact like that.

  • Denki Demuerto

    damn he survived.

  • Judy Adkins Hill

    are we sure it wasn't the *other way around,* since he's so "passionate" about horses? anyway, couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. every day I wake up sad when I learn he's still alive and spewing hatred.

  • Dicazi

    I don't agree with any of his views that I know of, but I hope he repents before he dies.

  • Michael Palazzolo

    the Deity strikes back...


    This accident is not funny. Pat fell from one of his expensive horses . Let us all pray for Pat Robertson's speedy return in doing what JESUS CHRIST didn't do which is to HUSTLE and CON for the Lord and Savior.