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  • flatrock

    If someone has actually come up with workable rules to prevent gerrymandering I think it would be very good to implement them. However, the courts lack the authority to come up with a set of rules and impose them on the states. Creating laws are what we have legislatures for. In the case of gerrymandering in particular the legislature in the majority definitely has a disincentive to change things. This is why states have ballot initiatives so that the people can change things by popular vote when their elected representatives don't have their best interests in mind.
    I agree that our political system would be better if gerrymandering were severely restricted, but it would also be significantly better if the courts would quit overreaching.

  • cephalo

    We have a very serious problem when our congress has an approval rating in the low teens and single digits for decades. We had better find a solution.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    In an ideal world, gerrymandering would not exist. Since that is obviously not the case, what I haven't seen is the plan that would make the creation of districts non political. How exactly would that be done is the question that needs to be asked and answered? Can computers accomplish what people obviously don't want to do? Create fairer elections.

  • Stop the BS

    Start off with a fair line with each district's population cut in half, then push for competition to build the most attractive communities/districts to get the people moving to your side. I realize that sounds easy, but sometimes govt doesn't like to take the most logical route.

  • Jack25

    Gerrymandering should be illegal.

  • loydfair

    eliminate congressional districts . eliminate electoral college . ................................................
    ................ ONE PERSON *** ONE VOTE ............ that's it. .......................................................
    house reps will be elected the same way senators are elected ......... .........................................
    i can see republicans becoming apoplectic just reading this post .

  • Verity Pendelton

    My district is shaped like a Half- horseshoe around an inner city suburban district. It pretty much eliminates any African-americans. We have a district on the other half that mimics it. So, yes, the suburban area has two districts while the inner city suburban district has one.

  • Bree Zee

    There's got to be a computer program that can do this based on population vs party. Let the computer do it. Evaluate it every 10 yrs for changes to population. There. Done.

  • Henry R

    Is gerrymandering bad? Virginia (and other states) gerrymandered districts ensuring black folks were the majority. See Rep. Bobby Scott's district. Should it be changed?

  • Alfred E Neuman

    Any redistricting must be done by a non-political group.

  • CrazyShmuck

    The parties with the ability to do so have redistricted since the day before forever. Make solid districts, none of the easily manipulated kind, and make them stick, except when the population changes. There's no reason to have districts that are something like 500 yards wide and 100 miles long.

  • snake

    No matter what the SC does this is a win for the Democrats. If the court says the Wi gerrymandering is OK California will abolish it's non partisan commission and gerrymander the state to allow an additional 15 Democrats to be elected. If the court sets new rules PA,OH,NC,WI and other states will be forced to draw new districts and Democrats will gain seats. Hopefully the court will do the right thing and set new guidelines that permit fair districts.

  • MAGA

    Hey Dems, maybe the people just don't like you.

  • runton

    The conservative empire built upon subjugation, misinformation, and oppression has reared its nasty head and is now beginning its collapse.

    The republic of the United States may survive after all.

  • Camus53

    Much more prevalent than many
    voters may be cognizant. I have heard there is some crazy high percentage of races run on a national basis where there is no opponent to the incubent due to gerrymandering.

    Everyone should be upset for this and many other reasons, including the millions in cost each time State courts order redistricting.

  • Time_For_A_Trainwreck

    Bad news for Utah.

  • Blaize Rage

    Eliminate parties; then no one will care.

  • Pro-Marx

    Both sides do it whenever they hold the majority. It is insanity to allow any political party establish the electoral districts. Let's hope the Supremes do the right thing.

  • Truth Dispensary

    I predict the Supreme court will find in favor of the State's Rights to draw their own District Lines. The Constitution gives exclusive authority to the States to Determine how they will select their Representatives. If voters don't like what is happening, then they can elect different Representatives. This is not for Judges or Federal Agencies, who don't like the outcomes, to decide.

  • ProfPalefuddy

    Simple fix. Have Google plot the electorate and divide each state into equal pieces by population. In larger states a district should be no wider than 125 miles so California for example would be cut in Quarters Length Wise.East to West North to South 560 miles: greatest distance East to West. 1,040 miles: greatest distance North to South. Then starting from the South East Corner of the state have google maps map out each district until each has nearly the same population.

  • MidwestKris

    A very, very important case. The last case on partisan gerrymandering was heard by SCOTUS in 2004, Vieth v. Jubelirer. In that decision, , the majority (50-4) held that there was no discernible and manageable standard standard for evaluating gerrymandering claims. SCOTUS did not, however overturn its ruling in an earlier case, Davis v. Bandemer, which had found the issue of partisan gerrymandering within the judiciary's purview

    Justice Anthony Kennedy, while finding with the majority on Viety v. Jubelirer, wrote: “Our willingness to enter the political thicket of the apportionment process with respect to one-person, one-vote claims makes it particularly difficult to justify a categorical refusal to entertain claims against this other type of gerrymandering.” He seemed to raise the the possibility that judicially manageable standards for gerrymandering could be developed in future cases before the Court.

    Whitford v. Gill has worked to develop just such a standard, and it has been upheld twice in Wisconsin courts. The case will most likely rest on whether SCOTUS is convinced that the metric is robust and reliable. It also builds on the 1st amendment, rather than the 14th, which legal experts seem to think is a stronger case.

  • Sleddawg63

    The United States resembles Venezuela more than the leader of democracy that it claims to be.