David F. Sandberg


Cam Closer by David F. Sandberg

Another video from David F. Sandberg a short film titled Cam Closer, watch this video until end. Try to load your speaker maybe better.. :) Hope you like it.

Directing Annabelle Creation - Part 1

A series of videos where I talk about directing and show you on set footage from Annabelle Creation. There are subtitles for the most difficult to hear parts.

Coffer - Short horror film

Since halloween is upon us here's another 3 minute horror from Lotta Losten and me. Yep, the Lights Out lady is still living in that apartment... dauid.com - lottalosten.com.

Closet Space -Short Film

We made a short in our new place. More Twilight Zone than horror this time. Making of: https://youtu.be/XWMvsB8TgHQ.